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Jackson County, Oregon Courthouse. From Wikipedia.
Jackson County, Oregon Courthouse. From Wikipedia.

There is new information available about the Jacob Franklin case. Franklin is a former Jackson County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office deputy who was fired from his job after arresting a friend of his superiors. My previous post on this topic is

A court order has been signed prohibiting Jackson County from releasing the internal investigation ever again. These records have allegedly cost Franklin employment at more than 20 other law enforcement agencies. Verbiage copied directly from the court order signed December 1st is below:

Plaintiffs state claim against defendant Jackson County for retaliation, ORS 659A.199, was tried by a jury on October 17 through October 25,2011. The jury returned a verdict in plaintiffs favor on his claim that defendant unlawfully retaliated against him “by continuing the Internal Affairs investigation and completing the Internal Affairs investigation report after Plaintiffs termination was final” because of plaintiffs good faith report that a former Jackson County deputy Sheriff violated state law (#220). Plaintiff now seeks equitable relief as claimed in his amended complaint…

Accordingly, the relief sought by plaintiff is awarded. Defendant Jackson County shall destroy the original and all copies, in whatever format, of the Internal Affairs file, including the Internal Affairs Report, relating to plaintiff Jacob Franklin. Defendants and all Jackson County Sheriffs Office employees with knowledge of the Internal Affairs Report, shall not supply any prospective employer of plaintiff Jacob Franklin with any of the information, or similar information, contained in such Internal Affairs Report.

The judgment was signed as well:

As to Plaintiffs claim of retaliation in violation of ORS 659A.199 only, judgment is entered in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendant Jackson County in the amount of $209,492.00, plus interest at the statutory rate; costs and reasonable attorney’s fees to be determined by the Court…

When you consider the financial hardship this has caused Franklin’s family, that hardly seems to begin to cover it although it is still justice.

There is an interview with Franklin, in two parts, on the KOBI-TV (Oregon) website:

In following discussion boards about the video in which Franklin arrests suspect Oachs, a former Jackson County deputy himself, I’ve noted that police officers have varying opinions about what Franklin should have done.

Regardless of what happened on this stop, Franklin should not have been asked to modify his paperwork or engage in any other dishonest behavior by his superiors. I know from experience that standing up to superiors who are willing to bend the rules will bring down their wrath.

I’m certain that we have not heard the last of this case. Interest in this case has gone nationwide, not only because of what happened on the stop, which was caught on video, but what happened afterwards.


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