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This week Law.com featured a brilliant website called MapLight, http://maplight.org/.

Don’t let the fact that this came out of Berkeley scare you. MapLight follows the money trails from organizations and corporations to legislators and legislation. In other words, you can see where political contributions are coming from and what they’re intended for.

Click around on the various tabs and you can learn detailed information on each legislator, such as who their contributions are coming from and geographic information on which area finances them. You can find out which industries are the top contributors to which legislators. There are news stories and information on bills in the works. Both information junkies and citizens who just plain care what goes on in government will enjoy how this website connects the dots. (more…)

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Jackson County, Oregon Courthouse. From Wikipedia.

Jackson County, Oregon Courthouse. From Wikipedia.

There is new information available about the Jacob Franklin case. Franklin is a former Jackson County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office deputy who was fired from his job after arresting a friend of his superiors. My previous post on this topic is https://wildninja.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/vindication/.

A court order has been signed prohibiting Jackson County from releasing the internal investigation ever again. These records have allegedly cost Franklin employment at more than 20 other law enforcement agencies. Verbiage copied directly from the court order signed December 1st is below: (more…)

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Justice 3

At long last a former Oregon sheriff’s deputy has seen justice for the smear tactics that cost him his job and ability to work as a law enforcement officer. Whether he will ever see the monetary award is an unknown, especially if the sheriff’s office appeals, but at least, technically, he’s won.

This article does not detail the hardship this has caused for the deputy and his family, but the situation has been intense. This is a case of an officer who got in trouble for doing his job and who refused to participate in a cover-up to help out his bosses’ buddy. (more…)

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