Alpaca Fiesta

After leaving the scarecrow-riddled Remlinger Farms property in Carnation, you may turn south and see a sign that announces an alpaca farm. If you follow the signs and happen to turn down the correct driveway, you find Cascade Rose Alpacas. Alpacas are naturals in front of the camera. They seem instinctively curious, and while not […]

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The Pargan Kelpie

Several days ago this headline on Fox News caught my eye, Tourist captures image of mysterious sea monster off Grecian coastline. Harvey Robertson was on a boat cruise off the coast of Parga, sailing through sea caves with his family. He was initially just trying to capture the unusual color of the surrounding water with his […]

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Pet Tracker

Unfortunately, when a pet goes missing, the perception that it’s a bona fide family member doesn’t hold up. When a child disappears, the community throws all its resources into bringing him or her safely home. When a beloved dog or cat disappears, it’s just that: LOST DOG, two words on a poster that most people […]

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Crossing Paths

Coworkers brought to my attention a wonderful, easy to read monthly newsletter from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Crossing Paths. This month’s edition features the best article I’ve ever read on why it’s important to keep your leaves, not throw them away. Other articles feature how to properly interact with local wildlife. As […]

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Raise the Roof!

The Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, Washington desperately needs new roofs on some of their buildings. Their September newsletter said: RAISE THE ROOF Raftors for Raptors (or Raccoons, Rabbits, Rock Doves, Robins…. Take your pick) Many of you already generously give monthly or annually to help with the medical or supportive needs of our patients. […]

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Slave to Entertainment

Yesterday, August 8th, was the 44th anniversary of the Penn Cove Capture. In this sickening, inhumane event, a large group of wild orcas was chased into a cove near Whidbey Island, Washington with speedboats and explosives. Seven were taken into captivity and five died during the roundup, including a mother trying to rescue her calf. No […]

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