Dog Rescued from Trash Pile


Have you seen this video from last month showing a dying dog living in a trash pile in L.A.? The video’s notes say that the dog had been living there for months– why would the people who knew that not call for help months sooner?!!

Please visit the amazing animal rescuer Eldad Hagar’s page to see how beautiful Miley is now. He has heartrending photos of other rescues there as well. He and his wife Audrey created the Hope for Paws organization, opening their home to hundreds of God’s creatures needing mercy.

This is happening to America’s pets more and more. In Detroit alone, there are 50,000 or more abandoned dogs roaming the streets, living in vacant homes and reverting to dangerous pack behavior.

Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit in Packs as Humans Dwindle

It says a lot about our country that we euthanize three to four MILLION dogs and cats a year according to the Humane Society. That means nationwide, about half of the dogs and cats in animal shelters are put to death mostly because of human laziness and irresponsibility.

It makes me sick to think of innocent puppies and kittens, dogs and cats, and other animals being set in a gas chamber to choke to death or given lethal injections. They haven’t done anything wrong and have no idea why they’ve been abandoned and sentenced to die.

Could you imagine how they feel when they’re trying to be affectionate with their handlers but then are locked in a room that smells of death or jabbed with a cruel needle? How would you feel? Yet it happens by the thousands where I live and by the millions nationwide.

Spay and neuter your pets. Don’t let your dogs or cats roam freely– there are laws against that for good reason. If you know of animal neglect or abuse, report it. If you see a loose dog, help it. This is a problem we can all help solve by looking out for our furry neighbors as well as ourselves.

Thank God Miley, in the video above, was rescued. I don’t know if she’s found a permanent home yet, but millions more like her will be rounded up, stuck in cages, and then put to death after humans peeked into their cells for a second but passed them by. Or no one stopped by at all.


A righteous man regards the life of his animal,

But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

-Proverbs 12:10


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