I’m Blue, a daba dee aba da…

Remember the song Blue by Eiffel 65?

I can’t get it out of my head after seeing this Philip Treacy fascinator (or hat? canoe?) arriving at the Royal Wedding. Was it his inspiration?

This dress is nice and the color is amazing. I would wear it, although I would choose a complementary color for the gloves and shoes rather than the same tone. The monochromatic scheme is a bit overwhelming and Smurf-like. Obviously some people at these events dress to be seen, and it is on that basis that I dare criticize someone else’s fashion.

I appreciate when people individualize their fashion and wear what they like rather than what everyone else is sporting. There are many fashion risks worth taking. But there were a few outfits at this otherwise classy event that were more “look at me” than “let the newlyweds be the center of attention.”

Had it not been for what looked like a giant shoe driven into this woman’s forehead, or a spray-painted kayak stuffed with blue tissue paper stapled in place, I would be praising the bold blue dress.

Treacy does some amazing work and there is a reason he’s the go-to guy for millinery in London. He is an artist. However, I must say I was simply shocked by a few of his creations at this event. Perhaps that’s what the wearers were going for.

It’s just a little odd to see so many beautiful hats and fascinators mingling with the glaring few that looked like they could have detached and walked off on their own power. To me that detracts from the gravity of the occasion, and has me wondering if the Decepticons have now infiltrated royal social circles disguised as headgear.

(Didn’t one of the British tabloids have a grainy photo of one of these fascinators quivering and mumbling about “Project Iceman” while plugged into the mainframe at Buckingham Palace? And then John Turturro showed up in a Humvee?)

This woman wears this dress beautifully, but shoes belong on the other end of one’s body. And antlers (if you saw the brown bow-like protrusion on one of the princesses) belong on deer. Or at an elk race or a stag party, not a formal wedding.

It just seems disrespectful to the bride and groom to go so far overboard to be original on their special day. Their fashion taste at this event was impeccable. Why couldn’t the guests follow suit, pun intended?

I love hats and accessories and admire much of Philip Treacy’s work. But wow, someone please find another song for me to get stuck in my head, because I’m going to be daba dee, aba da-ing through the rest of my weekend if I don’t. Depeche Mode’s Blue Dress is off limits because there’s no Star Trek TNG headpiece in that song. (And hey, anyone have access to that dress or a knock-off? Call me.)

2 thoughts on “I’m Blue, a daba dee aba da…

  1. I enjoyed your hat descriptions. Stuffed kayak indeed! Heres a song for you. Its an oldie but goodie by the Carpenters called Close to you. Here are the words.

    Why do birds suddenly appear ev’ry time you are near? Just like me, they long to be close to you.

    BUT, My hubby sings it like this, and now so do I:

    Why do birds fall out of the sky? ev’ry time you walk bye?
    Just like me, they long to be away from you.


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