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Here is a great article on the tactics the media can use to manipulate our minds by Dr. Samuel Lopez de Victoria. Yes, they certainly do employ psychology to make money and play up particular viewpoints:


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“Real” housewives.

Bad girls.


Talk shows.

Tabloid-like court shows.

These are the new soap operas, the modern purveyors of chaos in American society. We have become captivated by hateful, violent, self-indulgent women without boundaries whose every outfit is worth more than the money it would take to feed several small Indian villages for a day. Their earrings are so extravagant that they appear to be chandeliers ripped from the ceiling of a hotel ballroom, and they have more shoes than Imelda Marcos. They overdo “glamour” to the point that it inhibits their natural assets. (more…)

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Crime victim advocacy titan Susan Murphy Milano just posted her thoughts on the Casey Anthony trial on the Time’s Up blog, http://timesupblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/in-court-of-public-opinion-verdict-is.html.

Her post got me on my soapbox because I’m so sick of seeing coverage that forever cements the names of suspects in our minds while forgetting who the victims are. I would like to see several homicide cases I know of featured in the media so that the cases can be closed or the perpetrators are brought to justice, but the chances of getting those on TV is slim given the prolonged coverage of the mere handful of cases featured already. (more…)

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Like many bloggers, I visit other blogs to read various viewpoints of topics I’m interested in. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people who disagree with a majority viewpoint go off on others without any consideration for individuality. I frequently see, and hear, people attacking others as a group from emotion rather than reason.

If you support a certain cause, by default you are surely a cannibalistic Yeti-worshipping bigot who chews on jagged rocks and rolls around in uranium-enriched cow dung. That’s about how much sense people who go on blogs and instantly rip into others sometimes make to me. They assume that everyone who agrees on just this one thing is a mindless zombie who would commit extremist acts in the name of tofu or wool socks. (more…)

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My love of the Stanwood-Camano area of Washington goes back years, and it has one of the best news, opinion, and information blogs out there, Camano Community.


Jeff High and Roy Lesher are constantly updating their website with all kinds of fascinating and useful information. I saved a recent piece on how to capture fruit flies, and today was intrigued by a New York Times article they posted about the family living in the pyramid on top of Seattle’s Smith Tower.

Even if you find the local news in that area irrelevant (it’s actually very interesting because of the eclectic mix of people there), the how-tos, educational pieces, photographs, and wide variety of opinions on this site will keep you entertained.

The new, improved website just debuted this week, and I encourage my fellow Washingtonians and others to check it out. Jeff and Roy do a great job of keeping a variety of information flowing, and they care deeply about the welfare of other people, animals, and their community.

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