Anmol Gemethi

Anmol Gemethi
Anmol Gemethi, from Gospel for Asia/Barnabas Aid

If this had happened in the United States, it might be on Nancy Grace for months. But Anmol Gemethi was murdered in India.

Young Christian Boy Brutally Tortured and Murdered in India

7-Year-Old Boy Tortured, Killed for Being Christian

Every day Christians are being raped, tortured, and murdered in this world, yet here in the U.S., it’s rare to hear about these horrors on the evening news. Barnabas Aid and other sites track incidents of persecution and just featured this story, which was particularly sickening.

Evidently seven year-old Anmol’s father became a Christian about a decade ago after his brother was miraculously healed. Ever since, he has received death threats from Hindu extremists in his area. And after more threats in November, his son Anmol went missing. The next night, his body was found floating in a pond:

Anmol was found with his mouth gagged, his neck cut and toes broken. There were burns to various parts of his body, including his face, hands and abdomen. An autopsy concluded that the final cause of death was drowning.

So this innocent little guy is severely tortured and then survives only to be tossed into the water like garbage to drown. Gospel for Asia’s description of what happened to him is even more graphic:

Evidence suggests Anmol’s neck was cut, toes were broken and hands were slashed and burned. His face was burned, as well, while hot fragments of coal or firewood were placed on Anmol’s stomach, burning his abdomen. His mouth was also found tied. Autopsy reports came back indicating Anmol’s final cause of death was drowning.

This demonic kind of hatred towards Christians is becoming increasingly prevalent. I doubt someone besides the bigots who were threatening the lives of Anmol’s family members was responsible. This vitriol towards Jews and Christians has created a new holocaust, with such horrors happening all over the globe every day, yet billions of us seem blissfully unaware of it. I post stories like this so that people of all creeds and colors who care about human rights will understand what these minorities are going through.

These murderers should be found and held accountable. I hope they don’t get a survivable sentence like Saudi preacher Fayhan al-Ghamdi did. He’s the Muslim monster who claimed to doubt his five year-old daughter’s virginity, so he raped her in multiple places, smashed in her skull, broke her ribs and one of her arms, beat her, severely burned her (possibly with electrical cords), and in the initial reports I saw, had attempted to fuse the holes he ripped open in her flesh back together by melting it.

Lama held on for 10 months before she died. Her sick predator of a father was sentenced to 800 lashes and eight years in prison. Eight years. There was also a financial penalty to be paid to her mother, but in less than a decade he’ll be free to torture and violate others in a predominantly Muslim country often lacking protection for women and minorities.

It is imperative that those who care about human rights and religious freedom pay attention to what’s going on in this world. The more we stand up to these evils and spread awareness of such crimes, the better chance we have of stopping them. If we can’t pause for a moment to gaze into the eyes of a small child like Anmol and consider the hell he went through, we are only enabling these vicious killers.


It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little—do what you can. –Sydney Smith


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