New Feature – WNTips!

TJAAAFAP is proud to announce a new feature– WNTips! For a long time I have wished that the broadcast media would carry brief public service announcements to remind people of basic road rules, how their government works, and so on. But why not do this myself, as wildninja of WordPress?

WNTip is short for WildNinja Tip. One fascinating tidbit many readers do not know is that the real wildninja is my agile, ingenious martial arts expert kitty. She and her fluffy, astoundingly wise kung fu master brother have repeatedly saved the world from evil masterminds along with their faithful canine sibling security guard (who is also a talented sous chef).

When your family is surrounded by such skill, empathy, and insight, it is impossible not to have a clarity of thought that lends itself to solving society’s problems. So let’s get this started and begin promoting common sense and decency among our fellow human beings. (By the way, Indiana Jones took his dog’s name… so using a pet’s nickname is not as of rare as a practice as you might think.)

If your lane is running out, YOU need to put on your turn signal, do a head check, and yield to the cars  in the lane that is not running out. It is not their job to accommodate you; they have the right of way. If you are nice to other drivers and use your turn signal, they are more likely to make room for you as a courtesy. 

Almost every single day I see drivers in a lane that is running out just sitting there as if expecting everyone else to hold back until they realize their lane is joining another. I also see drivers stay neck and neck with those in the through lane as if the person with the right of way is supposed to suddenly brake to allow them in. Obviously, this is dangerous. You might as well merge while wearing a blindfold.

The people in the lane that is running out need to take the initiative and actively facilitate a movement into the other lane with their turn signal. This includes when they are getting on the freeway. By law drivers entering the freeway need to yield to the people already on the freeway. They should also be as close to freeway speed as possible when they merge. I’ve often mused that the biggest single cause of freeway congestion is people who merge aggressively or merge slowly.

Now you know. No more excuses! Merge well and prosper.


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2 thoughts on “New Feature – WNTips!

  1. Joan, thanks! It’s a wild idea I’ve had brewing for awhile. Hopefully it will get someone’s attention somewhere and create positive, common sense change within our society.


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