Vehicular Narcissism

Inflated sense of their own importance. Lack of empathy. Sense of entitlement. Expect special treatment. Believe they are superior. Problems regulating stress. Expect unquestioning compliance with their desires. The rules don’t apply to them. Their time is more important. They must be first. They absolutely, positively MUST be first, regardless of the inconveniences or risks […]

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WNTip #2

Always put your turn signal on at least 100 feet before turning your vehicle. Do not turn without signaling. This seems so Driver’s Ed 101, doesn’t it? Yet many of us fail to signal before we turn, or brake and then put the signal on as we’re turning. Bicyclists often fail to signal as well even though […]

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New Feature – WNTips!

TJAAAFAP is proud to announce a new feature– WNTips! For a long time I have wished that the broadcast media would carry brief public service announcements to remind people of basic road rules, how their government works, and so on. But why not do this myself, as wildninja of WordPress? WNTip is short for WildNinja […]

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Yubba Dubba… Dude

Looks like Fred and Barney have learned what not to drive in a Seattle-area snowstorm… I came upon this prehistoric Prius in Kirkland today, lodged in a field of snow just over a slush bank bordering the main drag. Evidently it’s for sale now as the Flintstones and Rubbles have decided to upgrade to a four-wheel drive from a […]

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