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On March 3rd, 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the United States Congress. Simply put, he is trying to stop the Iranians from building nuclear weapons. His country’s very existence is on the line.

Critics say this is grandstanding to garner more votes in an upcoming election, or that it’s an attempt to undermine Obama. The anti-Semites are out in force as well. Don’t be deceived. This is one of the bravest, most daring moves undertaken by a national leader in modern times and the entire human race stands to benefit. Some are comparing Netanyahu to Churchill in the 1930s, like Steve Forbes:

Why Netanyahu, The Churchill Of Our Time, Must Speak Before Congress

Like Winston Churchill in the 1930s with Nazi Germany, Netanyahu has been sounding the alarm about Iran’s ominous nuclear and terrorist activities.

It’s a message much of Europe and even segments of the US, particularly in the Obama administration, don’t want to hear. The President has made clear his intense dislike of Israel’s prime minister and his refusal to keep quiet about Obama’s desire to conclude a Neville Chamberlain-like deal with Teheran. In a flagrant interference in another country’s election, Obama operatives are working hard in Israel to help bring down the courageous Prime Minister.

Congress needs to hear first-hand the truth about what Iran is doing and the dreadful implications of those activities.

 Netanyahu’s boldness and purpose was aptly analyzed by Joel Rosenberg, an expert on the Middle East, as well:

Why does Netanyahu want to address Congress? He once explained in an interview with me that he sees a threat most do not. Excerpts from that conversation.

Because he understands something too few in the West do – that the most serious threat we face today is not simply from “Radical Islam,” but from “Apocalyptic Islam.”

“I think the West misunderstood, and still misunderstands, the threat” posed by Iran, Mr. Netanyahu told me during a 2007 interview for a documentary film I was producing.

“It is a fanatic, messianic ideology that seeks to have an apocalyptic battle for world supremacy with the West. It seeks to correct what it sees as an accident of history, where the West has risen, and Islam had declined.  The correction is supposed to be done by the resurrection of an Islamic empire and the acquisition of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear weapons, if necessary, to obliterate Islam’s enemies, and to subjugate the rest.”

I'm With Bibi

Why do I stand with Israel? Here are some of the reasons, from my 2012 post Stand With Israel:

Because I believe in freedom

Because I believe in democratic republics

Because I believe in the rights of women and children

Because I don’t believe in supporting terrorism, madmen, hatred, bigotry, dictators, bullies, or anyone calling for an entire race of people to be wiped from the face of the earth

Because we’ve already learned what happens when genocidal maniacs target the Jews

Because I don’t believe that the horrors of the past should be repeated

Because God said these are His people and He will bless those who bless them

Because this tiny country is a blazing beacon of hope in a sea of darkness

Because America needs a strong ally in the Middle East

Because I believe that peace will rule if Israel is not attacked

Because my faith was born in this region and its Leader will return to it again

Because Christians by nature should stand against anti-Semitism

Because their very survival is an example of God’s divine intervention

Because it is through their people that the greatest promises God has ever made have been and will continue to be fulfilled I stand with Israel.

This is one American who is proud to stand with Israel and defend their right to defend themselves. I would never stand idly by if someone were desiring to hurt or kill my family and I and I don’t expect the nation of Israel to do that either.

Israel, know that there are many Americans who stand with you and we are sending prayers to heaven on your behalf.

I don’t believe it’s an accident that Netanyahu’s speech is falling on the eve of Purim, the Jewish holiday that celebrates their deliverance from genocide through Esther. Prophecy News Watch had a fascinating article about this:

Why Religious Jews See A Parallel Between The Netanyahu-Obama Rift On Iran And The Bible’s Book Of Esther

Some religious leaders have noted that the same kind of break in protocol was key to the Jews’ redemption in the Book of Esther. The Jewish holiday of Purim, which this year is celebrated March 5, marks Esther’s success in her mission to thwart Haman’s destructive plan.

“Remarkably, this is not the first time the issue of protocol lies at the heart of an Iranian threat to destroy the Jewish people,” Yeshiva University Professor Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote in an article for the Jewish educational organization Aish Hatorah. “There is biblical precedent. Eerily echoing today’s story, the Book of Esther recounts the first recorded instance of attempted genocide against Jews in the ancient empire of Persia, today known as Iran.”

The article goes on to hit on the heart of this whole matter:

Goldberg recalled a lesson shared by the late Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, considered one of the leading rabbinical figures of Orthodox Judaism. Purim is often celebrated as commemorating a miracle, but Soloveitchik offered a unique view on what the real miracle was.

“A madman rose and articulated his intentions to destroy the Jewish people. The miracle was that we didn’t ignore him, we didn’t excuse him, and we didn’t seek to reinterpret him. The miracle was that we actually believed him and sought to do something about it,” Goldberg wrote, citing Soloveitchik’s lesson.

Standing with Israel, an ally and beacon of freedom in a tumultuous region in which people are being raped, beheaded, enslaved, burned to death, and otherwise exterminated, is a no brainer to me. Yet our government is trying to negotiate with madmen who put on a good front but have insidious ulterior motives.

Netanyahu is trying to prevent nuclear annihilation. What would you do if extremists wanted to kill you and everyone like you? Stand back and let others who might not have your best interests in mind try to work out some mutually agreeable deal? No. You would do whatever you have to do to stop them. This is what he, King Abdullah of Jordan, and Egyptian President al-Sisi are trying to do.

Amidst Obama retreat from Mideast, three regional leaders are forming a quiet but fiercely determined alliance against Iran & ISIS. Israeli PM Netanyahu, Jordan’s King Abdullah II & Egyptian President el-Sisi face high stakes. Will they succeed?

Ultimately, I must revisit my 2013 post Caprica is Burning to detail why it’s so important that Bibi Netanyahu be taken seriously and treated with respect.

This is a time that our nation’s leaders must be making uncompromising, unequivocal, fearless statements that we will not tolerate these threats. It doesn’t matter what party they are; their top priority should be the defense of the American people. We should be strategically eliminating these threats before they can carry out their arrogant promises. We should make an example of them before other megalomaniacs become so bold.

I will conclude with the same video I posted then, a depiction of nuclear war from the sci fi series Battlestar Galactica. Yes, without decisive action, this is our possible future.

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You can also contact Prime Minister Netanyahu via his website and let him know his resolve is appreciated.


Peace is purchased from strength. It’s not purchased from weakness or unilateral retreats. -Benjamin Netanyahu


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Muath al-Kaseasbeh

Forever remember the name of Muath al-Kaseasbeh.


In this video he is doused in some sort of accelerant and then burned alive in a metal cage. Should you watch it? That depends. Children should not watch it. Those who will be haunted by flesh melting off of a man being burned alive shouldn’t watch it. But perhaps the rest of us should as a testament to what this brave Jordanian pilot endured and the evils that these masked cowards are willing to inflict on others.

Frankly I think this film’s producers have watched a few too many Quentin Tarantino movies. In Hollywood, this is entertainment. For ISIS, this is some sort of battle cry to the world and military victory. In the real world, this is a man who gave his life, in the most agonizing way imaginable, to protect others.

Al-Kaseasbeh was a married first lieutenant in the Royal Jordanian Air Force whose F-16 went down in Syria in late December. The intelligence and ability required for this job speaks volumes about what caliber of man ISIS just executed. He was a brave, proud, educated man who, at just 26 years of age, left a legacy of service to others.

Prior to his death in this video, a bunch of tiny, unreadable Arabic writing interspersed with images of dead children and bombings flashes on the screen. It seems to be some sort of an attempt to show what horrible atrocities al-Kaseasbeh committed. Most Westerners won’t have a clue what’s being said or what the graphics are all about, so I’m not sure who the target audience was intended to be.

Were all the attempts at razzle dazzle supposed to be intimidating? Aside from the lieutenant’s poise, it played like a drunk Decepticon wrote it after a night binging on conspiracy theory movies from the 1990s. It was very busy and the graphics guy has some deep issues with American-made aircraft. For all I know he’s one of the Westerners who’s devoting his life to a demonic, self-indulgent movement intent on wiping anyone who doesn’t agree with them from the face of the earth.

Dramatic scenes of al-Kaseasbeh being led to his execution follow. He walks past a bunch of masked cowards further cloaked by their lookalike uniforms. While I will never be impressed by infidels who torture and murder those who fight for freedom, them trying to look tough by looking alike while looking upon a true hero made them even less impressive.

What First Lieutenant  al-Kaseasbeh endured is what more will endure if this global gang of thugs isn’t stopped. ISIS and their associates, known by many names, some of which claim to be moderate, are trying to take over the world. They are beheading, raping, torturing, crucifying, and otherwise violating and murdering their fellow human beings, including children.

I have always admired King Abdullah of Jordan and the continual risks he has taken on behalf of Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike. He and his family face grave personal danger for the stands they have taken over the years. Here in the United States, we need leadership that will support what countries like Jordan and Israel are doing to protect freedom and human rights.

Our current leadership won’t even call ISIS and their ilk by name or call them out for what they are. How, then, can the United States effectively stop atrocities like this? How can we stop Americans fighting for ISIS from coming back into this country and doing the same?

Please hold Anwar al-Tarawneh, the wife of Muath al-Kaseasbeh, up in prayer as she processes the horrible death of her husband. Sources says he was murdered a month ago even though the video was just released this week. That surely deepens the trauma. While I am skeptical of some of the videos terrorists produce, Jordan says this one is authentic and plans to execute some ISIS fighters post haste.

As Chesterton said, the true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. That is what distinguishes us from them. We are motivated by life, liberty, truth, the pursuit of happiness, the preservation and advancement of human rights, and the desire to promote free and democratic societies. ISIS and their cousins are motivated by hate, by revenge, by malice, by intolerance, by all things black and blasphemous.

While I pray that even these terrorists find Jesus in their short time on earth, those that persist in this ideology must be eliminated to protect others. And what a sad state of affairs that is, because in all of eternity, they will never find a way out of that cage or that fire. If they choose an eternity apart from their Maker, what they have visited on others, like Lieutenant al-Kaseasbeh, will have no end.

And their screams will never stop.


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This sickening story came to my attention over the weekend:

Obama Ignores Pregnant Wife of American Sentenced to Sharia Death By Hanging for Not Renouncing Christian Faith

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim is the pregnant 27 year-old wife of a naturalized American citizen. She and their 18 month-old son Martin are being held by the authorities in Sudan, who plan to let her give birth, then flog her and put her to death. Martin, who is ill, and the unborn child are Americans. (more…)

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Reblogged from Right from Yaad: Behind the Boko Haram headlines, slavery in Africa is the real crisis. The original post is at The Conversation.Please give it a read.

The world needs to know that slavery is alive and well– and a growing problem. The above article by Emma Christopher at the University of Sydney highlights slavery issues in African countries.While the rise of radical Islam is the real reason for the increase in slavery and abductions, Christopher has some powerful facts and figures to illustrate just how widespread slavery there is.

Slavery has always existed in Africa and that predates the European slave trade that began in the mid-15th century. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Arabs, collectively, used Africa as a source for slaves over thousands of years. Africans enslaved other Africans as well.

With the advent of Islam around 610 A.D., the slave trade flourished between Muslims and kingdoms in western Africa. When the Europeans showed up, some Africans sold other Africans to them. Slavery was already big business and some African kingdoms profited from it.

Today Muslims are capturing Christians to make them slaves, including kidnapping Christian girls and forcing them to convert to Islam and become good little veiled wives and/or selling them as sex slaves– either way, they’re being raped. This long legacy of human rights violations continues.

Here in the United States sex slavery is a problem and now and then you’ll see a story in the news about wealthy people, often immigrants, being caught keeping slaves. What hits the news is just the tip of the iceberg. From 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. Human trafficking is the largest growing criminal industry in the world.

Right From Yaad

This Article was taken from http://www.theconversation.com

Link here: http://theconversation.com/behind-the-boko-haram-headlines-slavery-in-africa-is-the-real-crisis-26379

Behind the Boko Haram headlines, slavery in Africa is the real crisis

by Emma Christopher

The mass kidnapping of schoolgirls by terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria is neither a new nor rare occurrence, though this does not make it any less shocking. Boko Haram has been active in Nigeria for five years and is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Africa’s slavery crisis.

In Nigeria, there are “tens of thousands of people bought and sold every year”, according to Africa expert Benjamin Lawrance. The majority are children: in 2003, the International Labour Organisation estimated that as many as six million Nigerian children had been trafficked at some time in their lives.

In Africa as a whole, the scale of the problem is vast and far beyond the resources currently allocated to fight it, let alone sufficient to…

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Honor Killings 7

So your worthless wife or girlfriend wants to get a divorce/break up/move on/have guy friends/wants to work outside the home/didn’t heat your dinner up enough/disapproved of you wanting to bring other women in the relationship/looked at you funny/didn’t iron your pants/wants to go to school/didn’t feel like having sex. And you killed her. Because she deserved it.

That is exactly the mentality that untold numbers of Muslim men have, and if you criticize this hateful, evil, egotistical, misogynistic practice, you’re branded an Islamophobe. Do I have your attention? Note that I did not say that if you’re a Muslim, you believe this. What I am saying is that so-called honor killings are a worldwide problem and a growing concern here in America due to some Muslims. (more…)

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Hangings in Iran. From the Gatestone Institute.

Hangings in Iran. From the Gatestone Institute.

Iran’s “Enemies of God”: Zaniar and Loghman Moradi.

From the Gatestone Institute:

Zaniar and Loghman Moradi, cousins, were arrested in 2009 on charges of “enmity to God and corruptors on earth,” and a year later they were sentenced to death by Judge Salevati, known as Tehran’s “Hanging Judge.” Both were twenty years old at the time of their arrest.

…They both await public execution at any time, most likely from a crane, commonly used for hangings in Iran to ensure the slowest and most painful suffocation. The method does not use a trap door, but instead the accused is hoisted up slowly so that death will not be instantaneous. (more…)

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January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The UN chose this date because January 27th, 1945 is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Unfortunately, in the 69 years since, hatred against Christians and Jews has become fashionable again. In predominantly Christian countries Christians are now being branded intolerant, narrow-minded, radical, and dangerous, labels far more appropriate for their accusers. Many challenge Israel’s right to defend itself from nuclear annihilation and act as if they should just sit there patiently waiting for whatever genocidal radicals want to launch at them. Atrocities against Jews and Christians can be waved off while crimes against other groups make international headlines. The true scope of what is happening has been cruelly narrowed by the mainstream media. (more…)

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Anmol Gemethi

Anmol Gemethi, from Gospel for Asia/Barnabas Aid

If this had happened in the United States, it might be on Nancy Grace for months. But Anmol Gemethi was murdered in India.

Young Christian Boy Brutally Tortured and Murdered in India

7-Year-Old Boy Tortured, Killed for Being Christian

Every day Christians are being raped, tortured, and murdered in this world, yet here in the U.S., it’s rare to hear about these horrors on the evening news. Barnabas Aid and other sites track incidents of persecution and just featured this story, which was particularly sickening.


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Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, the director of Barnabas Aid, has written a fantastic, easy to read article entitled Making Sense of the Tumultuous Events in the Middle East.

While the American media loves to talk about the Middle East and offer opinions about events there, it rarely takes the time to explain the nuts and bolts of related conflicts. If you want to understand the basics of what is happening, this is a great start.


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September 1st

September 1st

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