Iran’s “Enemies of God”

Hangings in Iran. From the Gatestone Institute.
Hangings in Iran. From the Gatestone Institute.

Iran’s “Enemies of God”: Zaniar and Loghman Moradi.

From the Gatestone Institute:

Zaniar and Loghman Moradi, cousins, were arrested in 2009 on charges of “enmity to God and corruptors on earth,” and a year later they were sentenced to death by Judge Salevati, known as Tehran’s “Hanging Judge.” Both were twenty years old at the time of their arrest.

…They both await public execution at any time, most likely from a crane, commonly used for hangings in Iran to ensure the slowest and most painful suffocation. The method does not use a trap door, but instead the accused is hoisted up slowly so that death will not be instantaneous.

…According to reports received by HRANA News Agency, Zaniar Moradi is now paralyzed as a result of the torture he suffered, and can only move by crawling or with the help of other prisoners. He is also apparently in excruciating pain from a spinal infection and serious testicular damage, both sustained during torture. He is denied medication. As stated by HRANA News Agency’s latest report on January 8, 2014, Mr. Mardani, the warden of the prison, has stated: “We do not pay any costs for inmates who are sentenced to death.” Aside from lack of painkillers or basic medical care, prison officials have offered no aid for his paralysis.

Both men risk further punishment by writing letters to various human rights organizations and United Nations representatives — to no avail. Both await execution at any time.

You can read the Moradis letter appealing for help here. The excerpt Gatestone posted at the beginning of the article is:

Please hurry. Just envision for a moment what it is like for those of us waiting to be executed.

Please investigate the increased rate of executions in Iran.

Can you not do more to save us? Can you not do more?

With human rights violations like this going on in Iran, how dare the Obama administration lift sanctions and threaten to veto any action to put them back in place.These men are not killers or rapists. They are threatening to the Iranian authorities simply because they are different.

Please join me in praying that these men and others unjustly imprisoned in Iran’s hellholes, like American pastor Saeed Abedini, are saved. And feel free to contact your elected representatives to tell them we will not stand for this.


History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. -Martin Luther King Jr.


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