Understanding the Middle East

Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, the director of Barnabas Aid, has written a fantastic, easy to read article entitled Making Sense of the Tumultuous Events in the Middle East.

While the American media loves to talk about the Middle East and offer opinions about events there, it rarely takes the time to explain the nuts and bolts of related conflicts. If you want to understand the basics of what is happening, this is a great start.

His article included this graphic, which is simultaneously hilarious and tragic:

Middle East Idiot's Chart

Here is an excerpt that I found very disturbing (but true):

This international fault line is creating new tensions, for the Christians find themselves increasingly being supported by China and Russia, whereas their historic supporters in terms of religious liberty and human rights are turning out to be the ones who are supporting the radical Islamists and denying their fundamental freedoms.  

Who would have ever thought that Russia and China’s policies would be more supportive of minorities in this region than America’s? That’s something I touched on in a post last night– the current administration’s policies and plans actually work against human rights and freedom, and you and I are paying for it.


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