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This sickening story came to my attention over the weekend:

Obama Ignores Pregnant Wife of American Sentenced to Sharia Death By Hanging for Not Renouncing Christian Faith

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim is the pregnant 27 year-old wife of a naturalized American citizen. She and their 18 month-old son Martin are being held by the authorities in Sudan, who plan to let her give birth, then flog her and put her to death. Martin, who is ill, and the unborn child are Americans.

What has she done to deserve this? She was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity. She is also “guilty” of sexual sin simply for being with her husband– because he’s not Muslim either. Note that her husband uses a wheelchair and is dependent upon her care.

This article also has more details about this case,The United States Latest Cruel Failure: Any Answer For This Barack Obama?

Why isn’t America doing more to fight for her? Why aren’t we doing more to fight for other Americans and their family members detained in other countries, like Saeed Abedini? Where are the people who claim to be against the death penalty for rapists and murderers but remain silent on cases like this? We should be speaking out with one voice and bringing them home safely.

Please sign the petition to free Meriam Ibrahim at the Be Heard Project. Spread this around on social media. Pray for this family and that our leaders would show the wisdom to protect these innocents. See also:

NY Daily News: U.S. citizen rushes to Sudan to save pregnant wife from hanging for Christian faith 

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Update, 5/28/14: Miriam has given birth to a baby girl, who is an American citizen. Please pray that she will not be murdered and that her children will be kept safe as well. They need to be released, and the United States should be demanding it, now.

Feel free to contact the Sudanese embassy. Click here. I just sent them the following message. I hope that people of all faiths speak out on her behalf.

Dear Representatives of Sudan:

I am writing to request the immediate release of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim and her children. Those children are Americans and allowing them to be imprisoned is illegal. Meriam has done nothing worthy of imprisonment or death either. To allow this travesty of justice to continue is a slap in the face of women all over the world and demonstrates a very poor regard for human rights.

Meriam, as a human being, has the right to choose her own religion and God should be the judge of her choice, not man. Ultimately we all answer to Him and I’m sure He does not look kindly upon oppressing people simply because they are exercising the free will He Himself gave them.

The world is watching your country very closely right now and a choice needs to be made: will you release this woman and her American children, or will you show everyone else on the planet that Sudan is an intolerant nation to be feared rather than respected? This choice could affect your relationships with other entities and nations for decades to come.

As a Christian, I would ask that you release these three people in the name of Jesus, who loves you and longs to show you His compassion. He came to set the captives free and to release us from the darkness.

Whether you believe He is the son of God or a great prophet, holding this woman and her babies against her will is not something He would endorse. He did not teach us to murder each other when we disagree, but instead to live in peace wherever possible.

We are watching. We are waiting. We are praying that this family is reunited and that the world will soon thank you for making the right decision.

In the end, we will all answer to God, and I, for one, do not want to be standing before my Creator with my sister’s blood on my hands when I could have saved her life– and the lives of her children and grandchildren after them– instead. Thank you.


Update, 8/4/14: The ACLJ reports that after months of game playing and false releases by the Sudanese government, Meriam is now safely home with her husband and children in America. This is an awesome demonstration of how people fighting for and praying for freedom can make a difference! God has rewarded that persistence and answered those prayers!

A Happy Ending: Meriam Ibrahim Arrives at Her New American Home


Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it. -Abraham Lincoln


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