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This sickening story came to my attention over the weekend:

Obama Ignores Pregnant Wife of American Sentenced to Sharia Death By Hanging for Not Renouncing Christian Faith

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim is the pregnant 27 year-old wife of a naturalized American citizen. She and their 18 month-old son Martin are being held by the authorities in Sudan, who plan to let her give birth, then flog her and put her to death. Martin, who is ill, and the unborn child are Americans. (more…)

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From the Kirkland Reporter

From the Kirkland Reporter

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington announced that he’s suspending the use of the death penalty in Washington State. This decision was immediately pounced upon by some in the local media and turned into an opportunity to advocate for the victims.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee suspends death penalty

While this decision might not change the fate of those on death row now, the death penalty won’t be used while Inslee is in office. However,¬†KING 5’s article quotes King County Prosecutor Dan Satterburg, who said, “Inslee’s decision… is likely to cause more delay, expense and uncertainty.” That is an astute observation.


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From http://pugetsoundblogs.com/kitsap-crime

Dennis Allred. From http://pugetsoundblogs.com.

Crime reporter Josh Farley of the Kitsap Sun has posted this piece about the efforts to keep Kitsap County Sheriff Deputy Dennis Allred’s killer in prison.

Since the effort is based on Facebook, I’m hoping that other news sites and bloggers will generate awareness of this story as well. That Dennis Allred’s murderer can get out of prison at all is mind-blowing, but yet another example of the glaring problems with our justice system. (more…)

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