Workplace Mobbing


Bullying at Work: Workplace Mobbing is on the Rise | World of Psychology.

Over on PsychCentral’s site, Australian psychologist Dr. Sophie Henshaw has posted a must-read on workplace bullying. The article begins:

Mobbing is “bullying on steroids,” a horrifying new trend whereby a bully enlists co-workers to collude in a relentless campaign of psychological terror against a hapless target.

Targets are usually anyone who is “different” from the organizational norm. Usually victims are competent, educated, resilient, outspoken, challenge the status quo, are more empathic or attractive and tend to be women, aged 32 to 55. Targets also can be racially different or part of a minority group…

She estimates that 30 percent of workplace bullying is mobbing.

This is a topic I have a great amount of personal experience with and plan to write about in the near future. As a woman who was bullied and harassed out of my job in law enforcement– and later denied unemployment benefits because my employer committed perjury to cover it up, endangering others– I have much to say. We don’t have to tolerate this, now or ever. It can be just as stressful as domestic violence in the home and just as damaging.

Please check out Dr. Henshaw’s article and start taking steps now to reclaim your health, your sanity, and your finances from workplace bullies.


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