Workplace Bullying

Wow! This video, posted online by the advocacy group Dignity Together, is the best summary of workplace bullying that I’ve seen. The target of the bullying is not the problem or the solution, yet employers often treat them as if they’re responsible for the abuser’s actions. Without intervention, the problem will get worse, and there […]

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The Tangerine Man

“EEEELLLEeeccccCCHH!! What is THAT?!!” It started one overcast, drizzly day as we were cleaning out the fridge specifically for the use of the Records Division of the police department. Thanks to the benevolence of a coworker and her husband, who worked in the beverage industry, we had acquired a dedicated fridge on our end of […]

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Being Professional

When was the last time you walked into a business and wanted to go back because of the generic, cardboard treatment you received at the hands of an emotionless drone? Probably never, right? Over the years I’ve pondered what, exactly, constitutes professional behavior. We see unprofessional behavior all the time– laziness, swearing, bullying, people who […]

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Workplace Mobbing

Bullying at Work: Workplace Mobbing is on the Rise | World of Psychology. Over on PsychCentral’s site, Australian psychologist Dr. Sophie Henshaw has posted a must-read on workplace bullying. The article begins: Mobbing is “bullying on steroids,” a horrifying new trend whereby a bully enlists co-workers to collude in a relentless campaign of psychological terror […]

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Food Allergies at Work

FARE’s latest newsletter highlighted a great resource they have for those with food allergies, a page called Managing Food Allergies at Work.  This is a topic I’ve dealt with for years. I have celiac disease and multiple food allergies and the workplace can be like a minefield for the food allergic. Not only do you have […]

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Change Starts Here

In the past day I’ve seen at least three news stories in which employees of government agencies or nonprofits have ripped those entities off to the tune of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And by entities I mean that ultimately you and I as taxpayers and donors have been used. All three […]

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Five years ago or so I read a book by Dennis Bakke called Joy at Work. I found the author’s candor and clarity refreshing. In this book, Bakke takes on the old school “Industrial Revolution” mindset of many managers, pointing out that holding to this type of traditional mentality is often demeaning and disrespectful to […]

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