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One of Sarvey's many junior clients. Daniel Houghton/The Seattle Times.

One of Sarvey’s many junior clients. Daniel Houghton/The Seattle Times.

The Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, Washington desperately needs new roofs on some of their buildings. Their September newsletter said:

Raftors for Raptors
(or Raccoons, Rabbits, Rock Doves, Robins…. Take your pick)

Many of you already generously give monthly or annually to help with the medical or supportive needs of our patients. In order to keep up that unique work in a safe and secure setting, we now must replaces the roofs on 2 of our 5 structures. Over the past 3 decades, we have grown to occupy a 5-acre site with several buildings. We are lucky enough to own our land and structures, but this does mean we are responsible for our own maintenance. (more…)

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Have you seen this video from last month showing a dying dog living in a trash pile in L.A.? The video’s notes say that the dog had been living there for months– why would the people who knew that not call for help months sooner?!! (more…)

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Sun Face

Given KOMO’s story today about the person lacking empathy who left their dog and pet pig (who was wearing sweatpants!) in a hot car, http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Police-Man-leaves-pig-wearing-sweatpants-trapped-in-hot-car-214035651.html, I feel compelled to post this.

It’s been hot (over 90 yesterday) in the Seattle area, yet I’m still seeing people leave their pets in their cars. Just the other night at the grocery store I wound up calling the cops on someone who’d left their dog in a car with the windows rolled up– after I waited about 20 minutes to see if they’d show up. The dog had been in the car at least 15 minutes before that. The poor puppy was barking and panting and desperately trying to get someone to notice him. Per policy the store would not page the owner. (more…)

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Fire Clouds – Taylor Bridge Fire

It’s no secret that the human victims of the Taylor Bridge Fire near Cle Elum, Washington need help. What isn’t as well known is just how many animals need your assistance as well.

This week I was shocked to learn that hundreds of animals are temporarily being housed at the fairgrounds, local vet offices, and foster homes after being displaced by the fire. Some were turned loose so they could escape the flames and posses are rounding them up. Some did not survive the blaze and burned or suffocated to death. (more…)

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Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

More than 320,000 pets are waiting for homes on Petfinder.com. Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet today and find forever homes for as many as possible!

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Dusty of Las Vegas– Limited Time Offer!

One rainy Saturday night last month I received a text that turned my blood to ice. A beloved family pet that was supposed to be shipped over 700 miles to her new home had instead been dumped off at the local shelter, and was days from being euthanized.

Her owner had to go ahead of her to their new hometown and send for her later. The person responsible for coordinating her transport instead dropped Ginger off anonymously at the shelter without telling anyone. Ginger’s microchip contained a phone number that had changed with the move, so they couldn’t reach her human. Thankfully a friend learned of the situation before it was too late. (more…)

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This article is from Kat Albrecht’s website. It is a reminder to look for missing kitties inside before simply assuming that they’re outside.

Remember, cats can’t just walk up to you and say, “hey, I need a doctor.” Cats with urinary tract infections or cystitis will urinate outside of their litter box, for example. That’s the only way they have to tell you that they need help.

Similarly, sick pets sometimes sneak away to suffer in silence and solitude. They can’t verbalize their need for help so they do what makes them more comfortable on their own. They may also hide out inside the house or on your property if they’re stressed out. (more…)

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There have been a number of dramatic animal rescues in the news this year.

A couple of days ago in Oregon, Moses the camel was rescued from a sinkhole by local firefighters. This story’s happy ending was welcome encouragement for his owners, who are battling unemployment and cancer.

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Somebody hold me back.


Never am I more tempted to get medieval than when I see helpless children and animals getting hurt. I wouldn’t do that unless I was directly intervening to stop abuse, but I am tempted.

Today in the news I was horrified to see pictures of an 8 week-old kitten whose face had been doused in chemicals and then used as a baseball. Her name is Raisin, and she sits at death’s door in an Idaho shelter. (more…)

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