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Have you seen this video from last month showing a dying dog living in a trash pile in L.A.? The video’s notes say that the dog had been living there for months– why would the people who knew that not call for help months sooner?!! (more…)

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Dick Cheney

Originally published 5-5-10

One evening I strolled into the living room just in time to hear the vice president’s name mentioned on the news. Although no one else was in the room, in a silly voice I said, “do you want Dick Cheney?”

To my surprise a thundering mass of tails and legs came barreling in from the other side of our home as if I had just offered the most delectable people food in the history of gourmet cooking. Several sets of shining eyes beamed at me expectantly as they awaited their sample of this unprecedented fat-laden delicacy. (more…)

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Everyone’s heard the story by now: an abandoned puppy in Oklahoma survived euthanasia and was found alive a day later in a dumpster.

Hundreds of people now want to adopt Wall-E, and I understand why. He’s a miracle puppy, twice abandoned, and a cheater of death. It sounds like he’ll find a great home.

His siblings and cellmates at the shelter were not so fortunate. (more…)

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