*Your Pet Needs One*

Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion

Paws down, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my cats is the Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion.

My dog has the larger canine version.

As of today, the kitty version is on sale for just $19.99. It’s normally $24.99. The dog one is on sale starting at $31.99.

This is a product that is so awesome us human family members wind up borrowing it sometimes. They’re great to set on your lap when you’re cold. They’re even better if they’re on your lap with an adoring genius kitty on top of them.

If you live in the Northwest, you probably own a Therm-a-Rest. If you don’t, you might be viewed as some sort of weirdo. They’re just that popular, like really clean Subarus, overpriced Starbucks beverages, and those thick-rimmed hipster glasses everybody in downtown Seattle seems to wear as if they’re all part of a flash mob that forgot to start dancing. These sleeping mats are popular for camping and hiking because they warm to your body heat without batteries or electricity.

The Cozy Cushions operate the same way– without batteries or electricity, they warm up as your pet lounges on them. Cats love to be warm so they will gravitate towards a cozy cushion like REI shoppers to polar fleece anything. These soft, relaxing pads are ultra-napworthy and therapeutic for older and arthritic pets.

Cozy Cushions are wonderful to have around during power outages, especially when used as the base for a kitty warmth tent or a doggie blanket bundle. Cats in particular appreciate well-built blanket nests, battle stations, or blanket/couch cushion forts, so what a bonus to have radiant heat flooring in those structures as well.

Trust me, your cat will think you are not just a great hunter because of all the treats you bring home from the store, but you will seem downright magical when you present them each with their own Cozy Cushion. If there was HGTV for cats, every Feline Blog Cabin or model home would contain at least two of these. This summer I even bought one as a wedding present.

Forget about pads that plug in or have an uncomfortable battery lump. This is what your cats and dogs want. It can sit right on top of their existing bed, on their favorite chair, on their lookout station, in their crate, or even in a bathroom sink (if one of your cats has commandeered the guest bathroom and lounges in there).

I bought our first Cozy Cushion over 12 years ago and it’s held up quite well. The newer ones are even more well designed and doing great. They also clean up nicely when the whole hurg-hurg-hurg-blaAAAggch hairball thing happens too. They are machine washable although I usually just spot clean ours.

As with anything new, your dog will probably sniff it and lie down gratefully but your cat will panic if you try to set him on it because– OH NO!!! It smells like a warehouse in Wisconsin!!! (that’s where Foster and Smith is). Just throw a few pieces of laundry you’ve worn around it or otherwise acclimate it to your home’s smell and your cat will be fine. Once he relaxes on the gentle, plush warmth he will look at you purringly and say, “seriously… what took you so long to find this, you refined and fashionable human?”

And then, as any discerning and architecturally-minded cat would do, he will ask you to break out the sheets, clothespins, and throw pillows and construct an equally impressive fort in a tribute to the wonder that is the Cozy Cushion.


Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. -James Herriot


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