Pets in Hot Cars

Given KOMO’s story today about the person lacking empathy who left their dog and pet pig (who was wearing sweatpants!) in a hot car,, I feel compelled to post this. It’s been hot (over 90 yesterday) in the Seattle area, yet I’m still seeing people leave their pets in their cars. Just the other night […]

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Indoor Kitties

This week in the news there was a story about a European cat that steals from his neighbors. While the story was hilarious, I did not expect a negative response when I posted the following on a news discussion forum: Um… anyone believe in keeping their kitties inside? Many places have laws that require you […]

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Do You Want Dick Cheney?

Originally published 5-5-10 One evening I strolled into the living room just in time to hear the vice president’s name mentioned on the news. Although no one else was in the room, in a silly voice I said, “do you want Dick Cheney?” To my surprise a thundering mass of tails and legs came barreling […]

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Missing Cat Info.

This article is from Kat Albrecht’s website. It is a reminder to look for missing kitties inside before simply assuming that they’re outside. Remember, cats can’t just walk up to you and say, “hey, I need a doctor.” Cats with urinary tract infections or cystitis will urinate outside of their litter box, for example. That’s […]

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Late last year my dog suffered a hind leg injury. His vet recommended surgery, but I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to put him through a major operation at his age. It was also very costly, and while he’s worth every penny, it was unaffordable. Agonized over his condition and not sure what to do, […]

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Pet Rescues

There have been a number of dramatic animal rescues in the news this year. A couple of days ago in Oregon, Moses the camel was rescued from a sinkhole by local firefighters. This story’s happy ending was welcome encouragement for his owners, who are battling unemployment and cancer.

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