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Entirely Pets has come out with a cool new product that can greatly improve communication between you and your dog.

In March they introduced a revolutionary product sure to bring canine transportation into the 21st century.

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Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion

Paws down, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my cats is the Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion.

My dog has the larger canine version.


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Sun Face

Given KOMO’s story today about the person lacking empathy who left their dog and pet pig (who was wearing sweatpants!) in a hot car, http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Police-Man-leaves-pig-wearing-sweatpants-trapped-in-hot-car-214035651.html, I feel compelled to post this.

It’s been hot (over 90 yesterday) in the Seattle area, yet I’m still seeing people leave their pets in their cars. Just the other night at the grocery store I wound up calling the cops on someone who’d left their dog in a car with the windows rolled up– after I waited about 20 minutes to see if they’d show up. The dog had been in the car at least 15 minutes before that. The poor puppy was barking and panting and desperately trying to get someone to notice him. Per policy the store would not page the owner. (more…)

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Hands down, this is the best product I’ve ever found for clearing up yeast infections in my pets’ ears: the Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution:


In my post about Flexicose, a fantastic joint health supplement for pets and people alike, I mentioned how my bluetick coonhound mix used to get yeast infections in his ears, but didn’t say what cures it. I just added a postscript to that article. He is allergic to wheat, and if he eats it, that brownish-reddish gunk, evidence of a yeast infection, may show up in his ears. (more…)

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This week in the news there was a story about a European cat that steals from his neighbors. While the story was hilarious, I did not expect a negative response when I posted the following on a news discussion forum:

Um… anyone believe in keeping their kitties inside? Many places have laws that require you to keep your pets on your own property, yet people routinely let their cats and dogs roam freely. The biggest reason not to do that is for your pets’ own safety. Indoor cats have longer and healthier lives. They also don’t steal from the neighbors. (more…)

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Many of you have read my article on weighted blankets, which is posted on a handful of different websites: https://wildninja.wordpress.com/2010/10/25/weighted-blankets/. In it I discussed the benefits of deep pressure stimulation, a concept pioneered by Dr. Temple Grandin.

A product for dogs called Thundershirt is using the same principle to calm anxious canines. Wrapping a dog in this snug-fitting vest with velcro closures is like holding them close in threatening situations.

http://www.thundershirt.com/ (more…)

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Dick Cheney

Originally published 5-5-10

One evening I strolled into the living room just in time to hear the vice president’s name mentioned on the news. Although no one else was in the room, in a silly voice I said, “do you want Dick Cheney?”

To my surprise a thundering mass of tails and legs came barreling in from the other side of our home as if I had just offered the most delectable people food in the history of gourmet cooking. Several sets of shining eyes beamed at me expectantly as they awaited their sample of this unprecedented fat-laden delicacy. (more…)

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This article is from Kat Albrecht’s website. It is a reminder to look for missing kitties inside before simply assuming that they’re outside.

Remember, cats can’t just walk up to you and say, “hey, I need a doctor.” Cats with urinary tract infections or cystitis will urinate outside of their litter box, for example. That’s the only way they have to tell you that they need help.

Similarly, sick pets sometimes sneak away to suffer in silence and solitude. They can’t verbalize their need for help so they do what makes them more comfortable on their own. They may also hide out inside the house or on your property if they’re stressed out. (more…)

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Late last year my dog suffered a hind leg injury. His vet recommended surgery, but I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to put him through a major operation at his age. It was also very costly, and while he’s worth every penny, it was unaffordable.

Agonized over his condition and not sure what to do, I scoured large dog forums on the web to find out how other dog parents treated their pets’ injuries. Some chose surgery, but their dog’s condition was worse after it.

After doing some research, I decided to give it some time before I sold a kidney to afford the procedure. In the interim I wanted him to try new supplements. He’d always taken glucosamine/chondroitin tablets, but he needed something more powerful. (more…)

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There have been a number of dramatic animal rescues in the news this year.

A couple of days ago in Oregon, Moses the camel was rescued from a sinkhole by local firefighters. This story’s happy ending was welcome encouragement for his owners, who are battling unemployment and cancer.

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