No Blog Awards Blog!

In a previous post I discussed the questionable “awards” that bloggers sometimes give each other…

Karen over at small house/BIG GARDEN,, had a flash of brilliance. She suggested that there be a “no blog awards blog” graphic that we can post on our blogs in lieu of the hinky merit badge-type patches floating around. So here it is!

Because I whipped it up, I did copyright it so that people know where it came from, unlike the multitude of “awards” out there. The copyright is also there to prevent the graphic from being modified. I understand that bloggers with a legitimate use for this graphic will display it on their blogs– that what it’s for. I’m not responsible for the content of those blogs or misuse of this graphic.

As I told Karen, if any of us win legitimate awards, this graphic doesn’t apply. This addresses those blog “awards,” wink wink, those weird pseudo-awards that expect the recipient to publicly answer personal questions and pass them on like a chain letter. Or those “awards” with no discernable origin that are basically a glorified “like.” In other words, of course we want to recognize talent and merit, but let’s distinguish “awards” from awards, people!

Now to figure out how to post this on the sidebar… aha… under “Appearance” in the dashboard there is an image widget and you can paste the URL to the image there. Still debating if I should have added the grainy film effect to age it a little… looks better when you click on it and see the larger version… anyway, thanks Karen! What a funny little joke to add to our sidebars.


©2012 H. Hiatt/ All articles/posts on this blog are copyrighted original material that may not be reproduced in part or whole in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from H. Hiatt/

4 thoughts on “No Blog Awards Blog!

  1. Finally, an answer to those bothersome comments: “You’ve been awarded the (fill-in-blank) blogger award.” I always say thank you but I never pick up my prize because…well, you pretty much covered it in your post.
    I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I’m going to keep my blog totally No Awards free and not pick up your art, either. But it is a great design and will probably keep the blog awarders at bay.


    1. Won’t bug me at all! The badge is kind of a joke and I understand not wanting too much clutter on your site. Thanks for commenting– that made me laugh.


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