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In a previous post I discussed the questionable “awards” that bloggers sometimes give each other… https://wildninja.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/the-blog-awards/.

Karen over at small house/BIG GARDEN, http://smallhousebiggarden.wordpress.com/, had a flash of brilliance. She suggested that there be a “no blog awards blog” graphic that we can post on our blogs in lieu of the hinky merit badge-type patches floating around. So here it is! (more…)

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“Hmm,” I said as I read a fellow blogger’s humble gratitude for an “award” they had just received. Accepting this “award” meant that they had to answer questions about themselves and post them for the whole world to see. It also required them to nominate a certain number of other bloggers for the “award” and post the “award’s” logo on their page.

“What is this award?” I said. The recipient is a brave and compassionate person who deserves recognition for their crusade against injustice. I admire their passion for helping others. But this isn’t about them. I was highly suspicious that an “award” with these requirements was legitimate. (more…)

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