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The February edition of the IBS Treatment Center newsletter is available! http://www.ibstreatmentcenter.com/Newsletters/Feb11.pdf

Dr. Steve Wangen of Seattle has one of the best websites on digestive health out there. His newsletter is always packed full of interesting information for people with these and other issues.

This month’s edition discusses migraines and how they can sometimes be eliminated by a change in diet. There is also information on how to get connected with support groups, upcoming conferences, and cooking classes.

To sign up for the newsletter, visit Dr. Wangen’s website at http://www.ibstreatmentcenter.com/index.htm and fill in the boxes on the left sidebar.

You are almost guaranteed to learn something new by browsing around the website. I frequently refer people to it because it has examples and explanations of food allergy testing.

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Food Allergies 2

Today I read an article on a psychology website that really hit a nerve. It discussed the anxiety that children can feel when they have food allergies and the overreactions of some of their parents.

What bothered me is that the commentary seemed to downplay how serious and widespread food allergies are. It also addressed gluten intolerance as if it’s not a real condition.

Of course I posted a comment in response. The author’s experience and expertise are valid. She is a professional psychologist and I am not. But I’m afraid that the article might perpetuate longstanding myths and stereotypes about food allergic people. (more…)

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School Lunch

Sandwiched into the Food Safety and Modernization Act, which I strongly opposed because of its boost to large corporations, potential damage to family farmers, increased federal control over our food supply, and inevitable effect of raising food costs, was one ray of sunshine. The president just signed this bill into law yesterday.

FAAN is reporting that after five years of lobbying, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act Becomes Law – FAAN. To quote from FAAN’s press release:

As a result of FAAMA, the federal government will create voluntary, national guidance materials for managing food allergies in our nation’s schools. This will have a tremendous impact across the country as schools face the challenges presented by the increasing prevalence of children with food allergies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in fact, reported that food allergy among children under 18 increased 18 percent from 1997 to 2007, and estimates that these children experience more than 300,000 ambulatory care visits per year related to food allergy.


©2011 H. Hiatt/wildninja.wordpress.com. All articles/posts on this blog are copyrighted original material that may not be reproduced in part or whole in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from H. Hiatt/wildninja.wordpress.com.



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In all my years of employment and volunteer work with government agencies, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard the words “food allergies” mentioned in disaster planning. Reality is, if there is a disaster and people with special dietary considerations need food, the government may not be able to help.

I recently contacted FEMA about this. Here is part of my communication to them:

My concerns have to do with people with celiac disease and other severe food allergies. A standard cache of emergency food that most people consume without hesitation could harm or even kill us. If we don’t have access to food that we’ve stockpiled—if we’ve even done that—we could starve while everyone else is eating emergency rations. (more…)

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Bob Christmas Lights


My buddies over at Celiac.com are spreading the word about Alek’s Controllable Christmas Lights. (more…)

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From http://medschool.umaryland.edu

Dr. Alessio Fasano, from http://medschool.umaryland.edu

From http://glutenfreeoptimist.blogspot.com:

The University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research received an astonishing $45 million donation to create a special institute! Watch this video to hear Dr. Fasano’s comments about the donation.  For more details, read this article in The Baltimore Sun. (more…)

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For people with multiple food allergies, finding new convenience foods is exciting (and sometimes fattening since we eat a lot of natural foods instead).

Common ready-made snacks and condiments like a chocolate bar, mayonnaise, canned soup, or frozen meals don’t exist in some food allergy sufferers’ worlds.

Many allergen-free products still contain just that one little ingredient that make them off limits, like cane sugar, soy, milk, or egg. This is why many dairy alternatives, sauces, snack foods, and candy are taboo. (more…)

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CD Ribbon

A friend who’s walked with me on my gluten-free journey for the better part of a decade just sent me the Chicago Tribune’s 8-page feature on celiac disease.

She says that it’s the first time a major newspaper has provided such a supplement on celiac.

Thank you to the NFCA for posting the .pdf!


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Children with Food Allergies Targeted by Bullies – FAAN.

People with food allergies are often the targets of bullying, discrimination, and domestic violence because of their medical condition. This should not be tolerated. FAAN has issued a press release about kids who’ve been bullied for their diets.


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Wedding Cake

A friend just emailed me the following link. It says that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cake was gluten-free and vegan.


While that may sound weird to people eating the standard American diet, it’s great press for allergen-free diets. Yes, we can have gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and whatever else-free cake! (more…)

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