Continuing to Matter

The memorial to the fallen Bothell police officer continued to grow last week. Department employees and volunteers kept a watchful eye on it, removing spent flowers and pulling certain pieces to share with the officer’s family as more tributes arrived. Signs around the community show their support as well. The Yakima Fruit Market, espresso stands, Brooks Biddle, and grocery stores among others are boldly proclaiming their appreciation.

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One thought on “Continuing to Matter

  1. For this very reason I am so thankful that my brother retired from the police department in November. The lack of respect and hatred the political officials help to sponsor is disgraceful. These men and women have families and folks that love them, the job is tough enough. Yes, there is unfortunately corruption in all professions which must be handled but don’t judge all police officers on the horrible faults of a few. As a professional nurse I’ve seen the unfortunate corruption and it hurts the trust of those that need that trust. Killing, hurting that we see now is WRONG and will never bring peace or security.


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