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The memorial to the fallen Bothell police officer continued to grow last week. Department employees and volunteers kept a watchful eye on it, removing spent flowers and pulling certain pieces to share with the officer’s family as more tributes arrived. Signs around the community show their support as well. The Yakima Fruit Market, espresso stands, Brooks Biddle, and grocery stores among others are boldly proclaiming their appreciation.

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Last night a visit to the growing memorial to the Bothell police officer who was murdered resulted in the post You Matter. I visited the site again tonight and spent some quality time with both strangers and friends as we honored this brave man. The memorial continues to grow. People of all types continue to gather there to express appreciation to our area officers, including the officer who was wounded in this incident.

The world needs to see that the Northshore area respects, appreciates, and values the men and women who take great risks every day to keep the peace in our increasingly restless society.

Shortly after I arrived, the woman on the left burst into a beautiful operatic rendition of The Lord’s Prayer. It was another spontaneous moment that hushed onlookers and bowed reverent heads.

See her arms raised as she lifts her voice towards heaven…

A question has been asked at this site repeatedly: what can we do to show support like this on a regular basis? How do we ensure that they always feel that the majority is behind them?

Bothell’s chaplains are doing an amazing job. The support surrounding agencies are offering Bothell PD is phenomenal.

Note Matthew 5:9, above: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.

C.S. Lewis

The details of Officer Shoop’s murder are here. The circumstances of his death are horrifying. May peace blanket this agency and community.

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This morning the greater Seattle area woke up to learn that a Bothell police officer was killed in the line of duty and another was injured. No, no, no, no, no. There has been widespread animosity towards police in our nation lately and this is exactly what we didn’t want to happen.

Like many of us, I have friends and family in the profession. Officers face dangers and split second decisions that most of us never will. It sounds like a traffic stop turned deadly, leaving a family broken and grieving for the loss of a young man of solid character– who was also a veteran.

LEOs, I want you to see the outpouring of support for this officer and his department. At Bothell City Hall tonight, people of all creeds and colors poured in to leave flowers, signs, write messages in chalk on the pavement, cry, talk, and express their gratitude to Bothell PD. I was there for quite a while and adults and children came from all directions to show their support.

This coming together, this show of strength and unity, is being posted here to show you that in your town, you matter. Never mind the hate and the calls to strip your funding, we are still with you and you matter.

I noted that the candle here is called “Seeking Balance.”

This deputy came all the way from Whatcom County. He was graciously stopping to talk to kids and give them badges.

This was a remarkable moment. I was standing near Bothell’s PIO when I saw this man walk up and introduce himself. Captain Johnson thanked him for his service. The man explained that he had put on his uniform and driven to the memorial to play Amazing Grace. That he did. Then he quietly left.

Unbeknownst to the performer, a man sitting behind him on the stairs raised his hands in prayer as the song was played.

I left about 6 P.M. Just as many people were silently walking up to the memorial from all corners and leaving mementos as when I’d arrived. It’s the hottest day we’ve had this year so far and few seemed to notice. They stood, they sat, they hugged, from babies to wizened seniors. It was an astounding show of gratitude.

Out at the corner of 522 and 527, close to where the incident happened, a crowd of Blue Lives Matter supporters were demonstrating. Many, many drivers honked their horns as they went past.

The woman waving this flag is a retired deputy who has a child entering the profession. While she had a successful career and fully supports law enforcement, she expressed concerns about those following in her footsteps given the increasing dangers officers face.

Nowhere were those dangers more apparent than in downtown Bothell, Washington the night of July 13th, 2020.

Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, and who is neither tarnished nor afraid.

Raymond Chandler

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Federal Way Prayer Rally 12-31-14 3

Tonight in Seattle, a group claiming to be against police brutality will be demonstrating near the New Year’s events at the Space Needle. Their planned activities will include a “die-in.” Hopefully this will not become a security issue since the festivities will be packed and in Seattle, anarchists and others mad at the world tend to show up to these things.

Contrast this with what’s been going on this week in Federal Way, Washington. On Monday, a group of 25 pastors met with police administrators at Federal Way City Hall to foster unity in the community. With all of the violence against police officers lately, the leadership of local churches felt that it was time to show them support as well as take steps towards healing the rifts in our society.

Today at 2 P.M., a group of pastors, police officers, and citizens met in the lobby of City Hall to hear guest speakers and pray for our civil servants, governing officials, children and young adults, all hurting people, our community, and reconciliation. Those present included Dr. Andre Sims, Pastors Gary Wiens, Mitchell Vann, Dave Norcross, David Aaron Johnson, Jeff MacLurg, Gordon Banks, and Jon McIntosh, Deputy Police Chief Kyle Sumpter, and Police Chief Andy Hwang, who gave the closing remarks. The event concluded with all present reciting the Lord’s Prayer (which, as one man near me pointed out, was the King James version, likely the version we adults learned in Sunday School long ago).

This event appears to have been coordinated through the International House of Prayer Northwest. The invitation to this event on their website reads:

Join us in Praying for Our Community

A call is going out to Christians across the nation to gather at your local police stations on December 31st from 2-3pm, and pray for peace and protection in our communities during New Year’s Eve. We are calling on the people of God to cry out to the Lord for mercy to our communities with restoration, and to honor and protect those who serve with law enforcement. In light of the turmoil in our nation, and the increased tension between citizens and the police, we believe it would be a significant and important place for us to stand as the Body of Christ, blessing the people of our cities and those who serve our community.

Federal Way Prayer Rally 12-31-14 2

Let’s hope this idea spreads. It’s powerful to see church leaders spearheading positive change in this community and Christians making a public statement about how the relationship between police and the community should be. I, for one, have very strong and well-founded feelings about police ethics and accountability, but I also have a fierce loyalty to certain people within the profession, so like to show support when I can.

It’s no secret that I am a survivor of police officer-involved domestic violence and was put through the wringer at my own civilian law enforcement job when I stood up to a corrupt supervisor (among other things). I have some powerful reasons not to like the police, including having my life repeatedly threatened by a cop. I earned my M.A. in forensic psychology in large part to focus on issues within the law enforcement profession.

But it is partially because of decent and objective people in policing that I’m still here. I have friends and family in police work as well, and am a staunch supporter of some former and current coworkers. So I understand the fury and frustration over some current issues in policing well; I also know what a tough job being a cop can be and the dangers they face. I can see a lot of this from both sides and therefore am especially passionate about opening dialogues between the police and the public for the benefit of both.

How about facilitating a meeting between your local police department and church leadership or community group? Like today’s event in Federal Way, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that we care about the lives of law enforcement officers and a chance to partner with them to better our world.

This was a brilliant idea, I enjoyed standing in prayer with my brothers and sisters in Christ, including those in uniform, and hope this serves as a model for those trying to make change right now. Holding signs accusing cops of murder when they’ve acted to defend their own lives and others’ lives is shallow and divisive. Actually meeting with the police in an atmosphere of peace and goodwill is productive and might even save lives.

Federal Way Prayer Rally 12-31-14 1

Thank you to Gary Wiens for the details and Chiefs Hwang and Sumpter for their ongoing support of community groups promoting unity, safety, and freedom. 

If you have a loved one in law enforcement, join me in praying Psalm 91 over them. I’m not about formulaic or repetitive prayers, but this Psalm about says it all. 


In the moral sphere, every act of justice or charity involves putting ourselves in the other person’s place and thus transcending our own competitive particularity. –C.S. Lewis


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