Continuing to Matter

The memorial to the fallen Bothell police officer continued to grow last week. Department employees and volunteers kept a watchful eye on it, removing spent flowers and pulling certain pieces to share with the officer’s family as more tributes arrived. Signs around the community show their support as well. The Yakima Fruit Market, espresso stands, […]

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The Church Courtesy Challenge

Last weekend it happened again. I was asked, “would you mind if my husband and sons sat here?” which indicated that I should change my seat. So I did. Big deal. When the other family members showed up while I was listening to what was going on up front, I became aware that several people […]

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What is Rape? End Violence Against Women International has done a great job making the public aware of the FBI’s change to the definition of forcible rape. This definition is used in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program which tracks particular kinds of crime statistics. A recent update from EVAW says that the definition now reads: […]

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped get this blog off the ground. I have some great allies out there in the blogosphere whose links to my site have played a major role in its success. I also thank the RSS feed subscribers, some of whom have been with […]

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Crime Victims Don’t Deserve It

I just posted this on another site and want to share my thoughts here too. I continue to be concerned about the lack of empathy that some people are displaying for crime victims as Colton Harris-Moore continues his crime spree. ************************************************************************************* Barefoot Bandit Leaves Note, Cash At Raymond Vet Clinic He knew he’d be […]

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