Vehicular Narcissism

Inflated sense of their own importance. Lack of empathy. Sense of entitlement. Expect special treatment. Believe they are superior. Problems regulating stress. Expect unquestioning compliance with their desires. The rules don’t apply to them. Their time is more important. They must be first. They absolutely, positively MUST be first, regardless of the inconveniences or risks […]

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Continuing to Matter

The memorial to the fallen Bothell police officer continued to grow last week. Department employees and volunteers kept a watchful eye on it, removing spent flowers and pulling certain pieces to share with the officer’s family as more tributes arrived. Signs around the community show their support as well. The Yakima Fruit Market, espresso stands, […]

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You Will Always Matter

Last night a visit to the growing memorial to the Bothell police officer who was murdered resulted in the post You Matter. I visited the site again tonight and spent some quality time with both strangers and friends as we honored this brave man. The memorial continues to grow. People of all types continue to […]

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The Big Jake Project

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. It helps when you ask someone with the ability to find an ideal solution. Last summer I’d finally sat down to read the Spring issue of the Nordic Heritage Museum’s Nordic Kultur magazine. Long a fan of this museum, I’d always been intrigued by one of their displays about […]

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Pet Tracker

Unfortunately, when a pet goes missing, the perception that it’s a bona fide family member doesn’t hold up. When a child disappears, the community throws all its resources into bringing him or her safely home. When a beloved dog or cat disappears, it’s just that: LOST DOG, two words on a poster that most people […]

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Prayers for the Police

Tonight in Seattle, a group claiming to be against police brutality will be demonstrating near the New Year’s events at the Space Needle. Their planned activities will include a “die-in.” Hopefully this will not become a security issue since the festivities will be packed and in Seattle, anarchists and others mad at the world tend […]

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Being Professional

When was the last time you walked into a business and wanted to go back because of the generic, cardboard treatment you received at the hands of an emotionless drone? Probably never, right? Over the years I’ve pondered what, exactly, constitutes professional behavior. We see unprofessional behavior all the time– laziness, swearing, bullying, people who […]

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Zoom Out

Have you ever been so overwhelmed and besieged by a problem that if you could draw a picture of how you feel it would look like this?

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Lifting Them Up

There might be a slight misspelling on this sign, but the sentiment is simple and powerful: Prayers are with the community of Newtown tonight. ************************************************************************************* ©2012 H. Hiatt/ All articles/posts on this blog are copyrighted original material that may not be reproduced in part or whole in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission […]

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Ya Gotta Personal Problem?!!

Seven years ago I was walking into work and had an abrupt “things that make you go hmm” moment when I saw this new sign. Clearly it was supposed to say “personnel,” but I had to wonder if the folks at the sign company were having a bit of fun. Soon after I pointed out […]

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