Play-Doh Part II

Play-Doh 2

He works in mysterious ways. As if to answer the questions in the nightmares I wrote about on Monday, today I learned a major truth about one relationship I addressed. Those nightmares were no accident. They opened up the doors to answers I’ve spent six months hoping for. Now most of the red flags make sense. Now I understand why the person he’s with was never told we were engaged for over a year. I see why I instinctively stored detailed documentation off-site, set to automatically blanket the legal system if something happens, because of her. The length, details, and extent of the situation are consistent with her past behavior. Other questionable, cruel, and unjust things make sense as well. It’s interesting that people knew about this and never mentioned it. Enabling it risks hurting the undeserving innocents involved in this the most. But given the forces at work, which I know all too well, I see one primary perpetrator, not two. God knows what happens next and is aware of all the details. He is in control. Today someone said to me, “there’s nothing you can do.” They’re wrong. I can pray. Praying is the most important thing I can do no matter what the circumstances. It’s the one thing I should be doing above all else. Why pray? C.S. Lewis noted that wherever there is prayer, there is the danger of His own immediate action. Prayer opens up windows so that God can get in and help us. Prayer also brings truth, and truth shines a light that reveals everything—and everyone—for what they are. Prayer sends angels to the innocent victims and discernment to the involved parties. Prayer lets God do whatever He’s going to do to make things right in the lives of everyone involved. Prayer sets the captives free. As Adrian Rogers says, prayer can do anything because God can do anything. Some people have told me not to pray, just to give thanks that I was saved from something worse. But praying is how we surrender these things to God. I have also been reminded that this is the real test. This is the moment at which I have to stand by my faith that God can do anything. Now is the time that I have to believe that He will act in everyone’s best interest. This is the part where I truly have to believe that God only allows what He can use. He always intends for our circumstances to be used for our benefit and His glory. Sometimes nightmares are no accident. And neither are our trials and tribulations. They cause us to run to Him and say, “Father, help me. This is not what You had planned.” And He says, “Child, watch what I’m about to do.” ************************************************************************************* God save us every one Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns? For the sins of our hand The sins of our tongue The sins of our fathers The sins of our young -Linkin Park, The Catalyst ************************************************************************************* ©2010 H. Hiatt/ All articles/posts on this blog are copyrighted original material that may not be reproduced in part or whole in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from H. Hiatt/

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