The Eight-Cow Wife

Today a coworker and I were discussing terms that relate to the value of something. The term that popped into my head was “ten-cow wife.” That’s a phrase I picked up from a short movie I’d watched in seventh grade. It was about a Polynesian trader who seemed to pay too many cows for his […]

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When You Know It’s Murder

I was 10 years old the first time it happened. She was found dead at a campsite in Eastern Washington. I remember exactly where I was standing, what the weather was like, who was talking to me. I wasn’t sure how to respond. It was not surprising that the suspect was a family member in […]

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Play-Doh Part II

He works in mysterious ways. As if to answer the questions in the nightmares I wrote about on Monday, today I learned a major truth about one relationship I addressed. Those nightmares were no accident. They opened up the doors to answers I’ve spent six months hoping for. Now most of the red flags make […]

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Verbal Knife Fights

This week I find myself mulling over the factors that influence men’s and women’s decisions to argue. And not just argue, but tear each other apart. It’s all around me. It’s an epidemic. We end up feeling sliced, diced, and boiled like rice. It’s an event that can leave strong people in shock, shaking, wondering […]

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