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Venus The Dark Side

In 2008, journalist and author Roy Sheppard and Mary Cleary, founder of the Amen network that helps male domestic violence victims, released a book on female predators that turned heads. Venus: The Dark Side shines light on the inner workings and tactics of, as Sheppard and Cleary put it, queens of manipulation and deceit. Having dealt with such women both in the workplace and on my own time, I was pleased to know that someone has finally written a book on female sociopaths and their cousins. I read it over a year ago and it’s been on my to-blog list ever since.

To quote from their introduction, the type of woman they are analyzing “…is prepared to hurt innocent men, women, and even children to get her own way. This ruthlessness takes the form of physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or financial abuse… Many are nothing short of domestic terrorists: (more…)

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Play-Doh 2

He works in mysterious ways. As if to answer the questions in the nightmares I wrote about on Monday, today I learned a major truth about one relationship I addressed. Those nightmares were no accident. They opened up the doors to answers I’ve spent six months hoping for. Now most of the red flags make sense. (more…)

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Today a friend who is well aware of my crusade against selfishness and narcissism emailed me this link: http://www.maritalhealing.com/conflicts/selfishspouse.php

This article by Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons of the Institute for Marital Healing is lengthy. But it includes a couple of questionnaires to help people determine how selfish they are and where that selfishness comes from. (more…)

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