Self-Fulfilling Bahamas Prophecy


In a November 2009 Seattle Weekly article, a former public defender for Colton Harris-Moore was discussing stolen credit cards he had in his possession. In regard to the high credit limits on some of those cards, she said, “Dude, you could have been in the Bahamas.”

Well now he is.

(Update, 7/6/10: the “Bahamas” comment was made by Shauna Snyder, now of Skepteon Investigations, who created and is promoting the legal defense fund for Harris-Moore.)

The media is reporting that a small plane was stolen this weekend from Madison County Airport in Indiana and flown 1200 miles to the Bahamas. It was found crash-landed in shallow water, and while it is unknown if anyone survived, I’ll bet the prime suspect, Harris-Moore, did.

Harris-Moore’s mother, Pam Kohler, recently told the Everett Herald that she hopes her son steals a plane and flees the country. So does this mean that Harris-Moore acted on his mother’s suggestion, or that she knew he was going to do this all along?

Many people have been calling for Pam Kohler to be charged as an accomplice, along with all of Harris-Moore’s other supporters that have helped him victimize innocent people. Maybe the authorities haven’t arrested them in hopes that their communications would lead them to Harris-Moore.

I am tired of wondering. Harris-Moore may be intelligent, but not more so than the police departments in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska, and Indiana that have been pursuing him. Evidence has linked him to this cross-country crime spree; there’s no longer any doubt that it’s him.

So this leads me to ask if this criminal has been taken seriously enough by the FBI. It’s a fair question, one that I hesitate to ask but had to consider after a recent statement in the Everett Herald. In that article, an agent indicated that the FBI believes Harris-Moore is a nonviolent offender, therefore this case isn’t that big of a deal.

Whatever the FBI has or hasn’t done, my point is that this shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. Now this criminal is in another country with 30 inhabited islands and hundreds of uninhabited ones. Some of the largest islands have a significant crime problem, and thanks to both tourism and organized crime there are a number of ways to get in and out of the country.

The Bahamas does have an extradition treaty with the U.S., but it can take years to extradite people. I cringe to think at what this is going to cost us taxpayers—that’s if he doesn’t blend in and keep moving. He could become a stowaway on a cruise ship or somehow find his way to a country that doesn’t extradite Americans (or only extradites them if certain charges are lessened).

I hope that the United States government pulls out all stops to catch this felon and bring him back to American soil to be held accountable. If we all just laugh it off, which is spitting in the faces of the people whose lives he’s terrorized and threatened, don’t be surprised if he sets himself up as a lightweight 21st century version of Walter Kurtz somewhere.

This is not entertaining. This is not good fun. This is about a dangerous fugitive who needs to be brought back to his homeland in chains before he strikes again. I doubt he’s going to spend the rest of his life sipping margaritas at a resort now that he made it to the Caribbean.

This isn’t necessarily an end. It could be just the beginning.


Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. -Martin Luther King Jr.

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