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CBS 48 Hours

Tonight’s episode of CBS’ 48 Hours was about Washington’s own Colton Harris-Moore.

There had been little about Harris-Moore in the media lately until he was indicted on five federal charges this week. He’ll be arraigned next Thursday.

I tried to keep an open mind while watching this 48 Hours episode, but it was hard to do so when this guy stole an assault rifle from a deputy’s car a block from my weekend home at the time. It was also unsettling to know that someone with no regard for others’ property was running around in the woods nearby. (more…)

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At long last, this selfish, materialistic, narcissistic, yes violent, fame-seeking, rights violating, anti-law enforcement adult fugitive has been captured. May he be held accountable for everything he has done to keep him from violating anyone else and escalating further.

As a prayer of thanks goes up, Harris-Moore’s fans are calling those glad for his capture hateful. There is nothing hateful about standing up for crime victims anywhere in the world and desiring justice on their behalf. There is nothing hateful about standing up to evil or wanting to protect yourself or your family. (more…)

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He went east why?

Well, let’s see. Colton Harris-Moore was unlikely to make it into Mexico or Canada without being spotted. So… how to get off the continent unnoticed… a boat or an airplane.

What kind of planes can he get into the air? Hmm… planes with ranges of about 900 to 1200 miles.

So… how far away is Marion County Indiana from the Bahamas? About 1200 miles.

What’s the range of the plane he just stole from there? 1200 to 1400 miles. (more…)

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In a November 2009 Seattle Weekly article, a former public defender for Colton Harris-Moore was discussing stolen credit cards he had in his possession. In regard to the high credit limits on some of those cards, she said, “Dude, you could have been in the Bahamas.”

Well now he is. (more…)

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Facebook Thumbs Down

Yesterday I sent Facebook a request to have the Colton Harris-Moore fan site removed. If this criminal has such a need for his own Facebook page, let him run it himself (so his location can be traced through that).

The only reason to leave that page up is if law enforcement is getting something good off of that. Obviously they don’t need to tell any of us if they are. (more…)

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Connect Four

KIRO TV is reporting that a Seattle-based recovery agent has offered to bring Colton Harris-Moore in for free: http://www.kirotv.com/news/23714858/detail.html. Evidently there is an informational meeting about this proposal on June 1st on Camano Island: http://catchthebarefootbandit.wordpress.com/.

Some are calling this vigilantism and the Island County Sheriff just publicly said he can’t endorse private reward or recovery efforts. But if this recovery effort can be done legally—something the recovery agent will hopefully explain in that meeting– I can see why it’s attractive to area residents. Surely some people are wondering how many more years Harris-Moore will be free to commit crimes—he’s been on his crime spree for more than two rides around the sun already. (more…)

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In case you missed it in the comments section of my “Profit from Pain” story, there’s a new blog dedicated to the capture of Colton Harris-Moore: http://catchthebarefootbandit.wordpress.com/.

The blog’s creator does not endorse vigilantism, but is providing a centralized place for a community dialogue. In the “Resources” section there is information on how to contact the authorities.

I’m convinced that if everyone puts their heads together and reports what they know, it will be easy to find Harris-Moore. Sometimes he’s hiding in plain sight.

No bit of information is too small. Better to report something to the police and have it turn out to be nothing, than not report it and find out later it was the missing link that could have solved the case.

Maybe Harris-Moore’s roommates will realize they would rather be rich from any reward money than charged with harboring a fugitive and being an accessory to his crimes…


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According to Fox’s website, this is their contact information. While the Colton Harris-Moore movie concept is in the beginning stages with no guarantee of it making it to the big screen, I hope that area residents will preempt any negative effects of this movie idea by letting Fox know their concerns ahead of time.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, California 90213
Phone: 310-277-2211
Fax: 310-203-1558

Primary Press Contact:
Chris Petrikin
SVP of Corporate Communications
Phone: 310-369-4781
Fax: 310-369-8825

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Imagine that a wanted fugitive—a known burglar, car thief, boat thief, plane thief, and vandal who has declared war on and possibly shot at the police—lives in the woods behind your house. He may be in possession of a stolen police rifle and other high-tech gear, and he has a network of supporters in the community that keep him out of custody and underground.

Living near such a dangerous person with a blatant disregard for others would make any rational person uncomfortable, right? Unfortunately, Camano Island, Washington native Colton Harris-Moore has an international fan club numbering in the thousands that are cheering this career criminal on. His Facebook page alone has about 15,000 members, and some fans consider it fashionable to wear t-shirts sporting phrases like “Run Colton Run!” (more…)

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