“Profit from Pain” Supplement

In case you missed it in the comments section of my “Profit from Pain” story, there’s a new blog dedicated to the capture of Colton Harris-Moore: http://catchthebarefootbandit.wordpress.com/.

The blog’s creator does not endorse vigilantism, but is providing a centralized place for a community dialogue. In the “Resources” section there is information on how to contact the authorities.

I’m convinced that if everyone puts their heads together and reports what they know, it will be easy to find Harris-Moore. Sometimes he’s hiding in plain sight.

No bit of information is too small. Better to report something to the police and have it turn out to be nothing, than not report it and find out later it was the missing link that could have solved the case.

Maybe Harris-Moore’s roommates will realize they would rather be rich from any reward money than charged with harboring a fugitive and being an accessory to his crimes…


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