Harris-Moore Captured

From http://www.thebahamasweekly.com
From http://www.thebahamasweekly.com

At long last, this selfish, materialistic, narcissistic, yes violent, fame-seeking, rights violating, anti-law enforcement adult fugitive has been captured. May he be held accountable for everything he has done to keep him from violating anyone else and escalating further.

As a prayer of thanks goes up, Harris-Moore’s fans are calling those glad for his capture hateful. There is nothing hateful about standing up for crime victims anywhere in the world and desiring justice on their behalf. There is nothing hateful about standing up to evil or wanting to protect yourself or your family.

The hatred I’ve seen in this case has come from some of Harris-Moore’s fans. Unable or unwilling to make rational arguments that justify his actions, they rabidly lash out at people who simply want our laws prohibiting such behavior enforced.

All kinds of wild assumptions about people wanting Harris-Moore caught have been flying around on the web. Without knowing a thing about the people they’re attacking, his fans insult, mock, stereotype, and make wild generalizations.

These fans tell people to pay attention to “real crimes”, to fight crime in their own communities, to help abused children, to stop “hating”, and so on. They call those wanting Harris-Moore prosecuted bigots and losers. At times I’ve wanted to laugh, knowing what some of the accused do for a living or volunteer their time for.

If only these fans considered that some of these justice-driven people are justice-driven because they already spend time fighting those things. Honestly, most of the emotion-driven anti-capture comments are so illogical that they don’t even dignify a response.

I commend the people who’ve made respectful stands for their fellow human beings on this issue even when it’s meant being attacked and enduring all the assumptions and name calling. That shows compassion and empathy, something this criminal and some of his followers don’t seem to have except for him.

Last night I finally watched “Catch Me If You Can.” It’s very different from the Colton Harris-Moore story, but now I can see where some fans get the idea that Harris-Moores can be rehabilitated. The subject of this movie was released from prison and put to work for the FBI.

If you consider the whole picture with Harris-Moore, I’d say that rehabilitation is unlikely. Society needs to be protected from him. I’m thankful that he was stopped before he went as far as Raul Moat. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hjxPFpcznMnJshDmE7KbBHlWlytA

As a forensic psychology major, I’ve found it interesting to consider the deeper reasons for people being for or against Harris-Moore. To many he seems to represent larger issues in our society.

Some people are utterly fed up with crime, narcissism, and violence. They are tired of criminals victimizing others and getting away with it. To them Harris-Moore may represent everything that’s wrong with our country. He’s the Bernie Madoff of property crimes, and has a reckless disregard for anyone’s safety but himself. He is the ultimate self-absorbed jerk.

Other people praise Harris-Moore as some sort of hero because he “stands up to the establishment”. They find his exploits liberating, and encourage him because he’s “not hurting anyone.” These fans praise his lack of materialism and ability to “live off of the grid.” To them he represents freedom and a release from smothering authority.

Unfortunately, through his own admission that he wants the high life, Harris-Moore is very materialistic. He does use technology, including stolen phones, computers, and cameras. If he were truly off the grid, he wouldn’t be stealing food from places where he’s captured on video. He’s not sticking it to the “man”, he’s sticking it to his fellow human beings. And he’s not a pacifist; he had a pistol on him when arrested and ran from the police, as always.

There are many people who don’t fall into either category, and that’s the beauty of a free country. It’s been said that if we’re all thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. I respect the variety of opinions, but it’s well-known that my respect stops with the people who act like Harris-Moore’s victims deserve what happened to them.

What happens next is predictable. Under this miscreant’s spell, his supporters will rally for him and show up wherever he is. Money will continue to pour in. Fans will want this “scared child” to escape punishment and be “put to good use” in society. The love fest will go on, with special t-shirts and banner-carrying protests and calls for “real” justice.

If those people would divide the man from the myth before they parade out in public on his behalf, I think they’ll find that there are more worthy counter-culture heroes. There are places in our society where we could use some daring (but legal) activism and lobbying against overly restrictive laws. But this isn’t it.

I’m sure that Harris-Moore will have all of the legal help and protection of his constitutional rights that he needs. His defense attorney knows how to spin things to make him look like the victim (he represented my ex). I wouldn’t worry about him getting a fair trial. Experts flock to high profile cases like this.

I just hope that in all the hoopla that is about to break, the crime victims are not forgotten. So often our justice system fawns over the rights and rehabilitation potential of offenders while forgetting that the whole reason the offender is there is because they did bad things to other people.

Imagine how many people might have been spared from victimization or even death now that a gun-toting unlicensed pretend pilot has been caught. Few thought it would go this far. It could have become much worse.

Thank you Royal Bahamas Police Force!



One of the greatest sorrows of human existence is that some people aren’t happy merely to be alive but find their happiness only in the misery of others.
–Dean Koontz

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