Things That Make You Go Hmm

This morning I was out and about when I happened upon a sign that made me burst into howls of laughter:

No Doog Poop

I turned around and came back to get a picture of it. Spying some construction workers at the site next door, I pulled up and said, “Hi! You working on that house?” (pointing gesture). They said yes and I informed them that their sign said, “doog,” with two os.

I asked, “who’s Doog? Or is it supposed to be Doug? And why is he pooping here?” Thankfully they laughed and waved instead of brandishing 2X4s and chasing me down the block.

Curiously, the other side of the sign said “dog,” conventional spelling. But doog… it reminded me of the beloved “Beware of Doug” Far Side cartoon.

Beware of Doug

Soon after, it was suggested to me that a doog is a real animal or word (uh huh, and Donald Trump’s hair has a starting and stopping point). I googled it to find something equally bizarre in the Urban Dictionary. The phrase “zeeky boogy doog, when uttered, causes a nuclear bomb to be launched from Mars and onto an unsuspecting victim.”

The bottom line is, whether you’re walking a dog, a doog, or a Doug, don’t let them relieve themselves at this location without cleaning up their dooky. Otherwise an intergalactic atomic device might take you out.

Beware of doog.


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3 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmm

  1. I was so busy sympathizing with the owner that I didn’t notice the spelling at first. I hate dog poop. There’s a big pile on our driveway right now – like our back yard neighbor didn’t see their dog wobble over there (she has nerve issues) and make a pile.


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