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Midday I was tooling along in my motor car when I noticed a crude sign taped to a speed limit signpost in Kirkland’s Rose Hill neighborhood. I pulled over to investigate. Technically it shouldn’t be taped to this pole, but the cheery scrawl on the placard intrigued me.

From the mouths of babes… the best advice during times of crisis can come from children. Someone clearly worked hard on this flower-embellished sign. It advises passersby to be cool, stay good, home, be nice, stay. The overarching theme is to be and stay cool, good, and nice by staying home, although I love the “be cool, stay good” vibe.

Nearby was another sign that caught my attention. Its message was clear and heartfelt. Its beauty is in its simplicity.

Ultimately, these expressions of goodwill and gratitude help to ease each others fardels, which happens to be the word of the week on the outdoor whiteboard long stationed in the Highlands neighborhood.

To paraphrase George Eliot, what do we live for if not to assuage each others’ fardels?

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This morning I was out and about when I happened upon a sign that made me burst into howls of laughter:

No Doog Poop

I turned around and came back to get a picture of it. Spying some construction workers at the site next door, I pulled up and said, “Hi! You working on that house?” (pointing gesture). They said yes and I informed them that their sign said, “doog,” with two os.

I asked, “who’s Doog? Or is it supposed to be Doug? And why is he pooping here?” Thankfully they laughed and waved instead of brandishing 2X4s and chasing me down the block. (more…)

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