Post-Parade Pirate Party

It’s not summer in Seattle without the Seafair Pirates. After today’s Fourth of July Parade in Kirkland, Washington, I cracked up when I saw this boatload of boisterous buccaneers disembark at the Eagles Club for refreshments. It was fitting since the Eagles are one of the most proudly patriotic places in town judging from their floats and festive decor.

Seeing a bunch of cutlass-waving marauders park their ship on the street and stream into a local hangout was pretty funny. It reminded me of a few years ago when I drove up alongside the Moby Duck on 405 to find a number of pirates swinging from it yelling at passing vehicles. I’m sure the State Patrol would have had a field day handing out seat belt violations had they been around (but the Moby Duck is an amphibious vehicle, so does that still count?!). Thankfully the crew was not firing off the very real (and very loud) cannons they use during parades.

You can click on the photo to see a larger version. Note the lone sea dog posing for pictures with passersby. Maybe he was the designated helmsman. 

Seafair Pirates 7-4-13


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