Susan Cox Powell Video

Susan Cox Powell, 2008. Click on image to view video. From
Susan Cox Powell, 2008. Click on image to view parts of video. From

KOMO News has revealed that missing and presumed murdered Susan Cox Powell made a video documenting the state of her marriage in 2008– and had a secret will and testament that told people if she dies, it’s not an accident. See:

This is what victims of abuse and those concerned with their family’s well-being SHOULD do! If you are not familiar with the Document the Abuse website,, please visit it now. Not only should everyone know about this website, but they should share it with anyone in a bad relationship.

Note the reference in the video to Susan being a “financially and emotionally abused woman”– that’s how it can start, and death can be the end result. Don’t ignore abuse just because someone doesn’t have bruises or hasn’t been to the hospital. It’s still domestic violence and the victim most definitely needs help– BEFORE it escalates, not when it does. By then it could be too late. Also note that the fact that Susan made this video and wrote up a will shows that she knew he could kill her. 

I’m wrestling with why these things are being brought to light by the police in Utah only after the investigation is closed and need to think that over. But Susan– good for you. Documentation is critically important, especially if you’re missing, incapacitated, or dead. Don’t let your abuser win or avoid prison– document what’s happening to you and keep it somewhere they’ll never find it!

Anyone who knows or works with domestic violence victims should introduce them to the  Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit, which is a more solid version of what Susan did:

You can read more about documentation in another of my posts,

Update 5/27/13: More information on Susan’s diary can be found here:


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4 thoughts on “Susan Cox Powell Video

  1. Can’t wait to hear what trash comes out of Steven Powell’s mouth when he gets out of jail. Two sons dead by their own hand and two grandsons murdered; daughter-in-law missing, presumed dead; what a dysfunctional family, and it sounds like it started with him.
    I feel so sorry for the Cox family. Susan knew she was in danger; it’s such a sad story. Sociopaths among us.


  2. Living in UT, not far from where they lived, this story is one that has been captivating. I feel so badly that those boys did not get a chance to grow up with their mama and that their selfish father destroyed their lives as well.


    1. Wow– I’d read on your blog that you’re in Utah but didn’t know you were close to all of this. Utah is where it all seems to have started.

      I’m in the Seattle area and the murders literally hit too close to home for some friends and family. One of the most disturbing aspects of this case to me is that attorney Anne Bremner and others were completely convinced that Josh Powell would kill his children but he managed to get visitation anyway. That’s probably why CPS is being so careful with the Smith case (another case I’ve blogged about) right now.


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