Iran: Free Saeed Abedini!

Saeed Abedini ACLJ

An American was just sentenced to eight years in an Iranian prison and it’s been nearly a week since his location was accounted for.

Pastor Saeed Abedini was arrested for his Christian beliefs and thrown in prison last September– Iran considers him an enemy of the state for his Christian evangelism, which was conducted primarily a decade ago.

Abedini’s family and attorney have been barred from contact with him or further involvement in his case. Iran continues to lie and spew propaganda to cover the truth and justify this “conviction.”

It took far too long for the White House or State Department to speak out about this case and the United States needs to be doing more to ensure that one of our own returns to his home state of Idaho safely.

Abedini was born in Iran and is a husband, a father, a pastor, and a Christian– and he is also an American who needs the prayers and support of his fellow citizens. He became an American citizen in 2010 but Iran does not recognize him as such. What they are doing is a violation of international law.

While many of us step into warm, dry, comfortable churches this morning, sipping our swanky coffee drinks while listening to messages on love, charity, and prosperity, at the very same time across the world one of our own could be ill, tortured, freezing, alone, suffering attempted brain washing, beaten, and sexually assaulted. Those horrors could be happening to him again and again as Iran feels obligated to punish him for his faith and citizenship– he violated their status quo by choosing freedom.

Please lift up Saeed Abedini and his loved ones this morning, spread awareness of his plight, and let our elected officials know that we will not stand for an American being swallowed up by the darkness in Iran. The government in Iran is not only violently anti-Christian, but want to destroy Israel and the Jewish people while claiming the Holocaust never happened.

Curiously, Ahmadinejad is not its ruler’s original last name; he was born with the surname of Sabourjian, which is Jewish and means “weaver of the Sabour,” the Persian name for a Jewish prayer shawl.

Iran: Free Saeed Abedini!

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In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. -Martin Luther King Jr.


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