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Saeed Abedini ACLJ

An American was just sentenced to eight years in an Iranian prison and it’s been nearly a week since his location was accounted for.

Pastor Saeed Abedini was arrested for his Christian beliefs and thrown in prison last September– Iran considers him an enemy of the state for his Christian evangelism, which was conducted primarily a decade ago.

Abedini’s family and attorney have been barred from contact with him or further involvement in his case. Iran continues to lie and spew propaganda to cover the truth and justify this “conviction.” (more…)

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Have you ever screamed for help when you were being attacked and no one came to help you?

That’s exactly what is happening to men, women, and children all over the world right now. They are being harassed, persecuted, tortured, raped, beaten, arrested, and stolen from. Their houses and meeting places are being burned down. Some have to run to stay alive. Some can’t leave and face death where they’re at.

These are not usually people you will see on the news or read about in the paper. Celebrities do not wear a special ribbon in their honor or work to raise money on their behalf. (more…)

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