Pork Burritos


This is a recipe I can’t take credit for but have modified over the years to fit a multiple-allergen diet. It is wonderful as a “fast food” item for the food allergic set.

You need…

A pound or so of ground pork. If you’re in Washington, nothing even comes close to Pure Country organic ground pork that you can get at swankier stores– it has a texture and flavor that surpasses the gristly, sometimes fatty ground pork you get at regular grocery stores.

Kidney beans. Westbrae Organic Natural is an excellent brand.

Cilantro. You can chop it up or just tear some off the bunch. I prefer the more primitive method.

Tortillas. Warm corn tortillas like Mission’s work fine, but there are gluten-free flour tortillas on the market that elevate this recipe to the next level. Food for Life’s gluten-free brown rice tortillas are the latest and greatest, http://www.foodforlife.com/product-catalog/gluten-free-wheat-free-breads/gluten-free/whole-grain-brown-rice-tortillas. Nothing beats homemade, but if you’re a celiac who’s been living on corn tortillas for ages, these are the bomb.

Salsa or hot sauce. Herdez green salsa works great and it’s cheap. But Chef Rick Bayless’ Frontera brand Habanero Hot Sauce that makes the total flavor combination melt in your mouth, http://www.fronterafiesta.com/store/taco-sauce-+-hot-sauce/habanero-hot-sauce/45-44.html. The rich, smoky flavor is so intense that they should offer IVs of this stuff in hospitals. The company has told me it’s gluten-free, but it is not certified as such, so please don’t take my word for it.

-Cooked rice is optional.

-You could  add a white vegan cheese (or if you can, a white regular cheese), but personally I’d leave that out.

Assembly is easy sans rice, which can take awhile (I usually don’t add it):

-Fry the pork, drain or soak up the fat.

-Heat up the kidney beans in a sauce pan.

-Warm the tortillas. If you use Food for Life’s and heat them in the microwave, don’t heat them for long or they’ll be more suitable for use as Frisbees. I stabbed myself in the cheek with one the other day.

-Throw the pork and beans on a tortilla, add a hearty dose of washed cilantro, and douse in hot sauce. Roll it up and chow down. ¡Que delicioso!

In my experience children will eat this even though it doesn’t come in a colorful box plastered in Disney teen idols and adults love it. It’s quick, it’s easy, and…


I can see why it would be prohibited to throw most things off the top of the Empire State Building, but what’s wrong with little bits of cheese? They probably break down into their various gases before they even hit. -Jack Handey


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