Document the Abuse

Document the Abuse

Today I was reminded that the Document the Abuse website is up and running. Domestic violence experts Susan Murphy Milano and Sandra L. Brown have created an invaluable resource for victims. This website details how to create an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit and a questionnaire to help people determine if they’re in a potentially lethal relationship.

Please forward the link to this website freely. Many domestic violence victims make the mistake of not documenting what has happened to them– and it’s an easy omission to make when you’re fighting for your life. I am a staunch advocate of documenting all types of abuse, from what happens in the workplace to the emotional, physical, financial, and sexual abuse that can happen at home. You may have read my previous article on the subject that has appeared on several blogs:

The information at is powerful, relevant, and sorely needed. Let’s get the word out and beat the dark souls among us at their own game. Even if you are not experiencing violence yourself, the front page of this website may well jolt you into forwarding the link to someone else. We all know someone in an abusive relationship, and this information could make a huge difference in their life.


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