Highland Tigers

From http://www.highlandtiger.com/wildcat_facts.asp
From http://www.highlandtiger.com/wildcat_facts.asp

Scottish Wildcat Association, conserving Scotland’s critically endangered wild felines.

400. There are only 400 Scottish wildcats left in the wild.

Otherwise known as Highland Tigers, these truly wild felines look like tabbies on steroids. They are fierce, independent, and critically endangered.

The Scottish Wildcat Association is drawing attention to the pending extinction of their country’s striped predators. They have a wonderful website, with interesting video clips and beautiful pictures. If for no other reason than to marvel at the beauty of these cats, pop on over to the SWA’s website.

My Pictish ancestors revered these cats, and our ancestral hometown is one of the few places that a remnant population of wildcats exist. These cats are a part of Scotland’s history, soon to vanish into the mists of time if humans do not intervene.


Scottish by birth, British by law,
Highlander by the grace of God.


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