Non-Soy “Soy” Sauce

Coconut Aminos

When you are diagnosed with celiac disease, you give up normal soy sauce because it contains wheat. When you learn you have a sensitivity to soy, you give up gluten-free soy sauce. So what’s left that’s like soy sauce?

For me, that question went unanswered until last week when I discovered Coconut Aminos: It’s been five to ten years since I’ve had anything like soy sauce, and it’s good to be back!

Coconut Aminos have a bit of a different taste than I recall soy sauce having, and at first I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. But now I consider it addictive. It’s also very good for you, which is one reason everyone should enjoy it, not just the food allergic.

Another allergen-free, low glycemic product that I just discovered this weekend is Oogave, This Denver-based company has brought a long-awaited product to the market suitable for limited diets and people who must watch their blood sugar.

Oogave is basically pop that is made with agave syrup instead of corn syrup or other nasty sugar. The flavor of the ginger ale, for example, is a little different than run of the mill ginger ale because of this. But to know that you’re not guzzling an obscene amount of cane sugar or corn syrup with each bottle adds to the enjoyment.

Something else that I like about Oogave is its labeling. They have the decency to print important words like “gluten-free” and “vegan” on the label. That saves risk and the time food allergic people spend contacting the company to find out about its ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Oogave also has a free t-shirt offer going on… $5 shipping and handling is all that’s asked. Gals can get an appropriately shaped feminine t-shirt via this offer– which means this free t-shirt could get more use than just being worn on housecleaning day.

Thanks, Coconut Secret and Oogave, for these product options!

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