Civility is Dying

This last weekend KOMO News aired a jarring special report about the state of Seattle. KOMO’s Eric Johnson rightfully called our region’s many illegal encampments what they are– dens of addiction. He pointed out that homeless people in general do not live in their own lawless filth; addicts do. There is nothing compassionate about allowing […]

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Ye Shall Be As Gods

It’s the original lie: you can be your own god. This seems to be the mantra that narcissists exercise regularly through their thoughts, actions, and words. THEY are superior. THEY are special. EVERYONE should bow down to their every whim, whine, and wish. We all know these people. Somewhere in their dysfunctional upbringing or exclusive […]

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He’s Just Not That Into You

Eight years ago Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccilo published an obscenity-riddled divining rod to help women sniff out the losers in their lives. He’s Just Not That Into You is an easy read penned by a writer and a consultant for HBO’s Sex and the City. I can’t stand the show, by the way. It was […]

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Excuse Me

This morning in church I happened to sit at the end of a row with many empty seats in the middle. Attendance seemed low due to a concurrent event, so there were a number of available seats. A couple came in and asked if they could squeeze past me to get to the middle of […]

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Sitcom Wives

It’s all about you. Or so many popular sitcoms would have women think. Since the early 90s I have puzzled over why so many wife-mother figures on TV nag, nitpick, and otherwise treat their husbands like they’re mindless little boys in need of constant correction. The leading ladies on Home Improvement, King of Queens, and […]

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