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Bad Drivers 7

Hace mucho calor en Seattle hoy. It’s about 82 degrees outside today, and as a coworker said, everybody’s hitting their brakes because the sun’s in their eyes… just like they do when it starts raining.

In the vein of my Tooling Along in our Motorcars post from several years ago, I formulated a top ten bad Seattle driving behaviors list to channel my ire at the rising tide of vehicular narcissism in this area. I define vehicular narcissism as a “me first” driving mentality that is fueled by oblivion, selfishness, or both. People who practice vehicular narcissism either believe their time is more valuable than other people’s or they just don’t care enough to pay attention when they get behind the wheel.

Buckle up. Here we go. (more…)

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Have you ever been driving with children in the car and you realize that your reactions to dangerous drivers are setting a poor verbal example for them? While I’ve made a conscious effort to use the exclamation from Spongebob, “tartar sauce!” in the car, it hasn’t worked well, and I’ve realized that I sound like Walter Matthau when I’m driving: “Moron! Putz! Idiot!”

Today I decided that some introspection was in order. (more…)

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