Civility is Dying

This last weekend KOMO News aired a jarring special report about the state of Seattle. KOMO’s Eric Johnson rightfully called our region’s many illegal encampments what they are– dens of addiction. He pointed out that homeless people in general do not live in their own lawless filth; addicts do. There is nothing compassionate about allowing […]

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What’s in a Name?

Originally posted on Impressions:
.  . By T.V. Antony Raj . . Every day we come across people who serve us and make us feel happy with their service. Unfortunately, none of us seems to know their names. Have you ever thought of knowing their name? Have you ever thought of thanking them using their name instead of just…

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No Respect for the Bard

Imagine listening to these two dialogues at the same time: 1. Blah blah blah blah blah, where can we get more wine, do you want to get some more wine, oh, girl, this is how they cut my hair, blah blah blah blah, I want to play drunken bingo, we should go to the burger […]

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The Church Courtesy Challenge

Last weekend it happened again. I was asked, “would you mind if my husband and sons sat here?” which indicated that I should change my seat. So I did. Big deal. When the other family members showed up while I was listening to what was going on up front, I became aware that several people […]

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Stop Trick or Treating!

While out and about today I saw a sign that was worded the same as this one, which has a similar design. My first thought was “STOP TRICK OR TREATING!” as if this were some sort of protest against the tradition of knocking on doors to get sugary, fattening wrapped items.

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Time for Billy Quan?

Tonight I was standing in line at the seafood counter of a bustling grocery store. When the employee behind the counter asked, “who’s next?” a young couple practically jumped up and down and said, “us!” To my dismay, a snappily dressed middle aged woman told the employee, who was standing closer to her, “mine’s really quick.” There […]

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Excuse Me

This morning in church I happened to sit at the end of a row with many empty seats in the middle. Attendance seemed low due to a concurrent event, so there were a number of available seats. A couple came in and asked if they could squeeze past me to get to the middle of […]

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