Be Cool, Stay Good

Midday I was tooling along in my motor car when I noticed a crude sign taped to a speed limit signpost in Kirkland’s Rose Hill neighborhood. I pulled over to investigate. Technically it shouldn’t be taped to this pole, but the cheery scrawl on the placard intrigued me. From the mouths of babes… the best […]

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Deserving Love

We often feel that we get what we deserve. The basic law, “the wages of sin is death” is operating. We think that if we are not loved, it must be because we did not earn it. The truth is, we can’t earn love. It is just something that someone decides to feel toward us. […]

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My Hope America

Culminating in November 2013, My Hope America is a series of videos designed to clearly present the Gospel with life-changing testimonies & powerful messages from Billy Graham. Share these programs with friends, family, and neighbors today.

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Our Prayer

Years ago, while looking through some personal effects of my great-grandmother’s, I found this New Year’s poem that has a relative’s name at the bottom. I don’t know if he is the actual author; I found this elsewhere on the web attributed to “author unknown.” This is a beautiful statement of hope for the new year. […]

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