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Today a friend notified me that the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe in North Dakota has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA regarding the use of the UND Fighting Sioux mascot:

Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe Announces Lawsuit Against NCAA Alleging Civil Rights Violations And Copyright Infringement at http://plainsdaily.com/entry/spirit-lake-sioux-tribe-announces-lawsuit-against-ncaa-alleging-civil-rights-violations-and-copyright-infringement/. (more…)

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UND’s Ralph Englestad Arena

I am a Fighting Sioux, and as a woman with a few Native American ancestors and ancestral ties to North Dakota, I’m proud of it.

Today I was disappointed to see an email go out from University of North Dakota leadership saying that the State Board of Education has directed the school to resume the retirement of its Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. This is after the state legislature passed a law intended to retain the insignia. (more…)

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