The Safe Faith Community Project

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. What do you plan to do about it? Here’s one option. Ask your church or faith-based community organization to take the pledge to become a Safe Faith Community. The team behind Document the Abuse has unveiled this new initiative at the start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month to encourage faith-based […]

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Why Didn’t You Just Leave?

“So why didn’t you just leave?” The question hit a nerve somewhere near my third thoracic vertebra and sizzled in my right cheek like an antagonized hornet. That question. I hate that question. I’m tired of that question. But I try to use that question to give people a crash course in the dynamics of domestic […]

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Blaming the Victims

Every time the topics of abuse, dysfunction, and boundary violations come up, I cringe, knowing that the same old sanctimonious rhetoric is about to slither up my neck like a decrepit, toxic snail: “We’ll pray for you. You need let go of your unforgiveness. We hope that the root of bitterness will be dug out.” […]

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DV Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when pink ribbons and bracelets are everywhere because one in eight women will fight breast cancer in her lifetime. But October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, signified by the color purple, acknowledging that one in four women will be a victim of domestic violence. Given the […]

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CDD is Heresy

Have you ever seen steam coming out of someone’s ears? Recently I was listening to a domestic violence expert describe the supposedly biblical practice of Christian Domestic Discipline. Righteous anger started lapping at my feet and slowly radiated throughout my body as I listened to how “true Christian husbands” are given license to hit their […]

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Men and Domestic Violence

2010 has been the year of betrayals, breakups, and divorces. I continue to be shocked at the number of relationships falling down around me. While there are two sides to every story, it seems to me that it is becoming increasingly common for one party in a relationship to carry the majority of the blame. […]

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